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Hi guys, In early 2014 when we launched  our website AdSensenichesites.com , we were the talk of the town since ours was an unique service from what was available in the market at that time. All our services were targeted at sites monetized with AdSense. Micro niche sites were very famous those days and we made a killing in sales these 3 years. But now , as a part of our continuously improving our services mindset, I believe it is time to move towards the next step and integrate an active blog to our website.

I always had the wish to create an information Bank for newbies  to help them create quality authority sites for AdSense and Amazon. We have created over 3000 sites in the last 3 years and most of them were for our repeat customers. I will share the knowledge which we acquired from our services in this blog.

Why I Changed the Domain Name?

Our previous domain name AdSensenichesites.com was not  brandable and  it also was an exact match domain targeting the keyword AdSense niche sites.  Another reason was, it had the name adsense which is trademarked by Google. But we also sell sites for amazon & clickbank in our sites. So I decided to change my domain name and move to a new much brandable and better domain name upniche.com


We will be continuing all the services which we offered before like  premade niche sites for AdSense, Amazon and clickbank.  In addition to that, we will offer Free tutorials and also share our experiences, case studies through our blog.

Thank you for your support all these 3 years And I hope that you will continue to support forever.  Stay subscribed and keep visiting.
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