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How a New Micro-Niche Amazon Affiliate Site Made $581.34 in 30 days

How a New Micro-Niche Amazon Affiliate Site Made $581.34 in 30 days
Note: We now offer step by step email guidance for our customers. You also get membership of a private fb group where you get suggestions from our members. If you have questions mail us at contact AT upniche.com

There are countless ways to make money online and building micro-niche sites for Amazon and AdSense is one such way. There was a period when adsense micro-niche websites where much popular than Amazon micro-niche websites, but things are not the same now.

Amazon niche websites have been very popular last few years. The reason being the extreme popularity of Amazon itself.

People usually think that they have to work day and night very hard to make money online. Though there are certain programs where you have to struggle day and night to make a handsome income, niche websites are not of that kind.

This is one such case study of a customer who bought a new niche website from us last year which has now become an recurring and residual source of income for him.

You can use this as a guide to make your own Amazon affiliate website a success and earn a residual income from your home.

Read on to find out how your new Amazon micro-niche affiliate website made $581.34 in 30 days and is continuing to provide a consistent income month after month to the customer. [ He has chosen to be anonymous and hence we won’t be referring his name or website in this case study]


Steps We Performed in Building the Amazon Micro-niche Blog

This website was a premade website which we had for sale in our inventory. As you know we have many premade websites for sale throughout the year. The customer bought the website during October 26th, 2016 when we had a special promotion. He paid us $499 for the domain and the website. We performed the following steps before the customer purchased the website,

1.Niche & keyword research

We have a employee here are at Upniche who performs keyword research 24/7. He found a Amazon affiliate keyword in the tools niche with about 2000 monthly searches for the main keyword & many other sub keywords of it.

We verified the keyword using semrush, long tail pro & market samurai and found out that this keyword had a low competition, steady search trend throughout the year and a product with selling price $50 to $100.

Gurus usually recommend choosing a product which has price over $100 but I usually choose in a keyword that has a price over $40. The reason is the person who visits Amazon using our affiliate link buys multiple products most of the time. So even though the product which you promote is $40, you will get sales for so many products which you never promoted.

Tip: I once referred a sale to Amazon where the customer bought 30 products of $60 each making me over $100 in commissions. That is the beauty of Amazon niche websites. You could never make that much from adsense microniche websites.

So we chose a keyword which had 2000 monthly searches for the main keyword and 1200 monthly searches for a variation of the keyword. The variation was a commonly used misspelling of the main keyword.

When choosing keywords for Amazon websites make sure it has enough number of searches from United States if your website is targeted at US traffic. You can also build websites for other countries where Amazon offers their service but as of now, US is the most popular marketplace with so many hungry buyers.

2.Choosing The Domain Name:

Though I recommend using a brand-able domain name for your website, I still advice to include some part of the keyword in your domain. This will give you an edge over websites which doesn’t use the keyword.

The domain we chose for this website was including both the main keyword & the mismatch of it without any best or review words in it. It was like the exact product name.


3.Setting up the Microniche Website:

We usually show the websites to the customer before they purchase it (We hide them rarely if it is of extremely low competition or if it is already making money),  so that they know what they will be getting from us. We got into the premade websites niche for two reasons,

  1. To show the customer what he pays for
  2. To give our customers an edge over other niche website providers by providing them a niche website fully setup, indexed in Google and can get results much faster than anyone else entering into the same niche.

We then set up the website in our vps hosting account with wordpress. We used newspaper WordPress theme in the website. (We now use thrive themes & thrive content builder) and installed the following plug-ins,

  • Ad Injection
  • AddToAny Share Buttons
  • Akismet
  • Autoset Featured Image
  • Contact Form 7
  • WP External Links
  • Shortcodes Ultimate
  • Slim Stat Analytics
  • Stylish Popular Posts
  • TablePress
  • Universal Star Rating
  • Yoast SEO
  • Shortcodes Ultimate
  • Wp Total Cache

Our site setup manager made sure the site was set up within a day.

Writing content for the website:

As the website was ready with the default settings, we next had to write content for the website. So we chose a total of 7  best keywords by using semrush related to the topic and was getting the most number of searches. (We sometimes choose keywords from Google suggestions & Google related searches too).

I gave 7 keywords to the content manager to get content written for. 1 article was a long 2500 word article with 10 best products reviewed in it ,  3 other 1500 word articles reviewing 5 products in them and 3 information based articles of each 1000 words.

She had the content ready the next day. (Our per day content production capacity is 20,000 words as of now)


Adding the content on the site

Now since we had the content ready, we started setting up the website. We added all the content on the website along with images (our images are optimised with text to help rank in Google image search), attractive affiliate buttons under products to direct visitors to amazon.com.

We also added all the legal pages required. There are several other settings which we completed before posting the website for sale in our premade niche website marketplace.

What the customer did after purchase?

As soon as the customer purchased the website, he sent us his godaddy customer number and email address to us.

We then transferred the domain name ownership to the customer account. He then changed the name server of the website to his hosting account and provided us the hosting cPanel details.

We set up the website on his server within 24 hours and send him the link to our niche site guide and encouraged him to follow the steps in our niche website guide.

We replaced all the affiliate links from ours to the customers Amazon affiliates links, so that he can get credited for every sale referred through his website.

Social profiles:

He went ahead and created social profiles in Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn for his website. He continuously posted something on his social profiles and kept them active.

Adding Webmaster tools & Google analytics

He added his website to Google Webmaster tools and submitted a sitemap of his website. He also added the website to Google analytics to track his traffic.

YouTube videos

He created 4 YouTube videos using PowerPoint & camtasia studio for the top 10 type articles and linked them to the website and shared them on social media pages as well.

Adding informational articles

Since most of the content we had on the website were articles promoting products with affiliate links, he added 6 more articles himself which we are all informative like “things to consider when choosing your xxxxxx-product “ , “ how to keep your xxxxxx-product clean”and similar articles not more than 500 words per article.

Blog commenting

He selected a list of authority websites (You can choose sites Like problogger, Elegant Themes etc) and started commenting on them with relevant and useful info. In total he might have done about 25 blog comments in about 10 days.

Quora Answers

He answered about 10 questions on Quora with a link back to his website.

That’s all he did from his end. Before buying a website from us, he never had a Amazon affiliate account or otherwise he was never able to fully approve his Amazon affiliate account by referring a sale within 90 days.

He never did any guest posting! ( best way for building back links safely ).

First Sale Within 15 Days & Amazon Approval

He made is first sale on November 12th. He obtained a $6 commission from a sale. Below is the screenshot. Later he was fully approved for amazon affiliate program in the following days.

Screenshot of First Amazon Niche Website Sale

Improvement in Keyword Rankings:

Around November 20, he started getting more traffic to his website from search engines. He was getting around 50 visitors a day and the best part was, out of the 50 visitors he got from search engines, around 35 visitors were clicking his Amazon links or banners. That was a good sign the links where getting high CTR.

It was because one of his keywords had ranked in the 7th position in Google. Though he had never performed any proper back linking to his website, he was extremely lucky to have his website ranking in the top 10 of Google within a short period of time without proper link building.

December showered even more money on him and below is the earning screenshot of November 20 to December 21.

Microniche Site Income

He recovered his investment and made more within 60 days after he purchased this website.

He is now concentrating on ranking all his keywords in the top 10 of Google. Imagine if getting 50 visitors a day can make you $588 in one month that too with the product selling for about $50, how much would you be able to make if you get 1000 visitors a day or if you choose a product selling for more than $100.

Amazon is the best source to make money online with niche websites because it can provide you more revenue when considering AdSense niche websites getting the same traffic.

There is no reason for you to stand in the fence, choose a premade niche website now and start your journey today.

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