Finally. You Have Come To the Right Place To Create a Profitable Five Figure Niche Site.!

Do You Wonder What It Takes To Build an Successful Niche Website  

A subscriber once mailed me, I have tried everything I could to make money online. I am sick of being a failure, I have never seen success online, Can you help me?

I said Yes, I can help you. I showed him an article explaining the power of niche websites and how these websites are generating passive income for thousands of people around the globe.

I showed him a couple of websites that make massive income with amazon affiliates. But He never had the confidence to build a site himself that would succeed making money from amazon associates. That’s when I started offering this as a service. So, Before I tell you what I offer as a part of our niche website service,  you should know certain things.

Why Majority of People Who Start Niche Websites Fail?

Most people never get started because they don’t like the uncertainty of this business. These are the people who need results the next minute they put in some work. So they are not interested in spending their time on something they don’t know what the outcome would be.

I believe you are not like the person above and would like to invest some work to achieve the following benefits,

  • Setup once and earn from it for lifelong.
  • Pay your debts & settle down.
  • Work from anywhere in the world.
  • Get a good looking car.
  • Have great vacations
  • And many many more..

For Me,

  • My niche websites make me an income which is several times more than what Doctors, Engineers take home in my country.
  • I paid off all my loans using niche website income.
  • I can work from anywhere.
  • Even if I fire all my employees and stop working tomorrow, these niche sites will make me a passive income as long as they are able to retain their first page rankings in google.

People Who do get started building Niche websites Have certain Issues

  • They don’t know how to choose a niche
  • They don’t know anything about setting up a website
  • They don’t know where to begin
  • They are confused if they chosen the right niche
  • They already have a website which haven’t made any money
  • They don’t know how to build backlinks
  • They don’t know how to optimize their website
  • They don’t know how to get traffic
  • They don’t have the patience to write content
  • They are extremely busy and don’t have any time to work on it.

If you are a person stuck up with any of the above issue, I and my team have a solution for you.

We will setup your niche website and deliver you a 100% complete thus saving hours of hardwork for you.

Not only that, we also have packages to take care of your SEO which means you don’t have to do any work.

You might ask, why do you do it as a service when you can keep all the money by building sites for yourself. I have a team that is capable of building really cool websites and who on earth will miss an opportunity to make some extra money selling their talent?

Another reason is, making money with a niche website has two stages. First is to build your website, Next is to rank the website in google. We only give you a complete website with a potential to make five figures. You have to then build backlinks to rank the website in google. (We also offer SEO services so that you need not do any work from your part if you chose to go that way)

We have a blueprint that works every time. So getting a website from us could be the right choice for you in 2017. Most other income methods vanished over time, but niche sites have stood steady for over years from the days of adsense. It would be the same way for years to come as long as there is internet.

Want Some Motivation? Here are Few Income Screenshots

(Don’t expect this income as soon as you buy a site from us, these are results of years of hardwork. But you can expect 1/10th of these within few months from now)


This Year



Now,  I believe you would be impressed with what is possible with amazon affiliate sites. If you start now, you could be there within 2 years. 

Below image will show you what we offer as a part of our service.




Note: If you would like to order SEO, you could do so after we finish the site setup. We offer complete SEO service for niche sites at $499 per month. Most probably you will need our SEO services for 3 months based on our previous experiences.

If you would like to see a sample website, Contact us