Hire an Virtual Assistant


Trained Virtual assistants

20 days or 160 hours.

Ideal for most of the Digital Marketing, Ecommerce or other tasks you train them.

Hire fulltime or part time virtual assistants to help you assist with your daily tasks.

Our virtual assistants are trained staffs who already know a bit of everything related to

1.Wordpress or shopify site setup.

2.Photoshop & Illustrator

3.SEO (Outreach, internal linking, meta tags etc)

4. Adding Products to ecommerce sites

5. Data Entry

6. Transfering wordpress sites to new server

7. And many other tasks.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can they write Articles?

Eventhough they can read, write and speak English, they can’t be used for tasks other than article writing which do not require Native English Standard.

Can they edit Images?

Yes, They have basic training in Adobe photoshop and Illustrator. They can be quickly trained in other softwares too.  They can do basic logos, format images for posts etc.

How long they’ll work with me?

As long as the staff works with us or as long as you need them.

Explain me the process of hiring?

Make the payment for the number of virtual assistants you want, Let us know the tasks you are looking to get done with the VA, We will then allow you to interview the best candidates suitable for your position. You can choose one from them.

Can I train them to use new softwares/tools?

Yes, you can train them to use any software or tool. They are always willing to learn new stuff.

Why Should I Pay First?

Since this is a remote position, we need you to pay the first month salary in advance. We will release it at the end of the  month to your virtual assistant.

I need someone who is well versed in a particular task/software ?

The best thing is to train them to suit your needs. If you are looking to hire more than 10 staffs, we’ll train them for you if you offer us the necessary training materials.

Will They work for multiple person at the same time?

No, they won’t work for any other company/person during the time they work for you. They’ll be working from our office and hence working for multiple employers is not at all an options for them.

What’s included in the cost?

1 X Virtual assistant available for 160 hours in a month.



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