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A site in the concealer niche ranking for 300 keywords in the top 100 of google and has made commissions.

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Beauty is one of the most profitable niche. This website targets concealer review as the main keyword.  Even though the products are priced low, the volume of purchase and conversion rate will equalize the income. It can be monetized by adsense too. Every customer in the beauty niche tends to purchase multiple products.

Domain Registered: March 15,2016.

Keyword Data:  30 Main keywords and other sub keywords. The main keyword has 14,800 searches. All the keywords of this website has good number of searches.

Total Number of words in site: 27500 Words

No of Articles: 30

All Essential Plugins have been installed, Premium theme with original license installed.

Customers Amazon affiliate links will be added soon after the website transfer.

All the legal pages have been added.

You can monetize this website using amazon, adsense or CPA.

Current Rankings

Below is the webmaster data for this website. It has got 3709 impressions in the last 28 days. It has 318 keywords in webmaster tools.



What’s Possible With This Site?

This being the beauty niche and women being the major shoppers, they always buy 2-3 products at the same time when it comes to beauty. These concealers sell for $5 to $50. You could bundle other beauty products and target many more beauty related keywords in this website. This website is already having good rankings and is very well aged. It will give you very good results when you start SEO for it.

10 to 20 guest posts and conversion optimization will give you easy $500 to $1000+ per month within 1 to 3 months. You don’t have to wait for long.

This website has already made commissions. Below are the screenshots,



What Happens After Sale?

  1. We will transfer the domain to your godaddy account. (You can register a free account ).
  2. We will transfer the website files to your webhosting account.
  3. We will insert your affiliate links to the site.
  4. We will Transfer the facebook page ownership to you.



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