Power Web 2.0 Service [Manual]


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As a part of our power web 2.0 service, you will get a quality web 2.0 site which will look like a real site. All the process is manual and the end product will be of very high quality.


1.Each web 2.0 will be unique/different

2. Manual well written content (2 x 600 words) on each web 2.0.

3. One Youtube video embedded with unique 100 word description.

3. All article will have images.

4. Unique header image.(If allowed in the web 2.0 site)

5. Login info provided to you for future updates.

Frequently Asked Questions:


How can I order more than one?

Just change the order quantity to any number you would like to order.

Will this affect my site?

No, We take all the steps to make sure these web 2.0 will boost your rankings.

Who owns the web 2.0?

You. You own all the rights to the web 2.0 site. We will send you all the login info.

How many web 2.0 links can I build to my site?

There are no limits. We have never heard any site penalized by using web 2.0

How many links/Anchor text in a web 2.0?

Maximum 2 links in a web 2.0 site. You can provide 2 different anchor text per web 2.0. If you order many, we will choose random/different anchor text to make it appear natural to search engines.






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