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What Are Micro Niche Sites

What Are Microniche Sites

I am happy that you understood the importance of niche sites. Most of you will have already known about microniche sites but still the reason why I am creating this article is that I would like to make this website as a single and best guide for anyone trying to create new niche websites. That being said, I have the responsibility to cover up from the basics. So this article will let you know what are micro niche websites.

What Are Microniche Sites

Our previous article explained you clearly about what are niche websites. Micro niche websites does not vary much from that of niche websites.

What Are Niche Websites- Basics Explained:

One main difference between micro-niche sites and authority niche sites is that microniche sites are extremely niche specific and they are built targeting only one particular keyword or maybe 2 to 3 keywords maximum.

The maximum number of pages I have seen in on a microniche website is 20. This was in the 2007 to 2012 period when Google did not have animals like Panda and Penguin. When Google started penalizing thin content websites, most of the micro niche websites disappeared from google search. Still I can notice several micro niche websites ranking on Google. The reason is their top class content and having links from authority websites.

Examples Of microniche websites

In my last article, I showed you an example of niche website. If you take a single category of a niche website and create a website for that particular category, it is a micro niche website. The reason is, it is targeting a Micro or smaller part of a major niche.

For example, if you build a niche website for induction cookers, it might be very general and include induction cookers from a variety of brands and a variety of features. However, if you decide to build a Micro niche website, it will be like “best induction cookers for rice cooking”. Therefore, you target a smaller niche when considering a authority niche website.

Different people have different opinions on what is a Micro niche website is. There are some people who call a website with up to hundred pages as microniche website; on the other hand, I call a website with less than 10 pages as a micro niche website which you can create by investing very less time of yours.

Other features such as profitability of the niche, average content on the website, total number of searches is also considered when classifying a website as a Micro niche website. If your website targets a keyword that has less than 2000 monthly searches, it can also be classified as micro niche website.

Note: Classifying a website, as microniche or authority does not matter, what matters is whether the site ranks in google & makes you an income.

Points to consider when setting up an Microniche Website

  • The microniche websites has limited scope for improvement and limited scope of income.
  • Most of micro-niche websites are capable of $1 per day to a maximum of $20 per day. But it depends on each keyword, it’s cpc. It varies for amazon & clickbank niche sites.
  • Search engines often penalize microniche websites since they consider them as thin content affiliate websites made with the sole aim of making money from advertising programs. To get out from such an issue, you must make sure you write content for many sub- keywords of your main keyword and make sure the website has enough content.
  • You will have trouble finding new keyword or post ideas to write content for your website.
  • You will need a number of websites to make a handful of income, so that you can quit your day job and concentrate on your online income. A normal minimum income to expect from a single micro-niche website per month is $100. So having 10 websites each making $100 per month would give you a passive income month after month

The most important thing when setting up your first microniche website is that you must never compromise on the keyword research part of the website. If you find a low competition keyword where no authority sites are listed in the top 10 search results, go ahead and build a website for that niche. It will definitely give you a passive income for a long period.

I hope you understood what a micro niche website is. We will be adding guides on how to set up a micro-niche website and authority websites in our next articles.

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