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What Are Niche Websites & Their Types

What Are Niche Websites [Image]

This might be a silly question if you are a person who already know “ what are niche websites?”. Most of our website visitors or geeks who already know what is it and they own hundreds of active niche websites that generate thousands of dollars in income month after month for them. If you are one such person, please skip this article now as there is nothing new for you. This article covers the basics of niche websites so that newbies can find out the meaning of this phrase.

What Are Niche Websites [Image]

Without knowing what is a niche website, you cannot proceed and build a proper and successful niche website. I came across this term “niche website” back in 2007 when there was actually no competition and there were very less people who used to build websites for a particular niche. But the world is ever expanding and there are hundreds of new niches arising everyday. So, don’t worry, it is never late for the niche website party. So let’s go deep into the topic.

What are niche websites?

If you would like to know the definition of niche websites,”niche websites are nothing but a website that deals with only one particular topic and provides all the information in that particular niche.”

There are people who think that niche websites are websites that make tiny income month after month without them having to look after it. But that’s not the case, there are people who make five figures with this single niche website.

So have a clear understanding, niche website is a website that is specific to a particular niche.

I will give you an example here, you might have visited those information banks like Wikipedia, Wikipedia gives you information from all the fields irrespective of its niche. On the other hand you might have visited websites like Livestrong.com , it is nothing but a authority health niche website.

Another good example would be Amazon. Amazon is a website that has millions of products in it from a variety of categories or niches. It is an multiple niche authority shopping website. On the other hand you may have visited websites that sell products only for a particular niche like “ fitness machines”, . Please note that health and fitness machines are very general niches and I won’t recommend you to start your first niche website in a very general niche as it might be very competitive and you may not be able to rank for any keywords.

Examples of niche website keywords:

One thing you must be aware of when you set up your first niche website is that, be careful with your niche website keywords. I am showing you a few examples of niche websites so that you can understand what are niche websites. No person on earth is going to show their own niche website as an example to you. It is obvious that no one needs competition in their particular niche. So I will give you a keyword which you can search in Google and find a list of examples for niche websites.


Example niche keyword 1: best tankless water heater

Example Niche Keyword 2: best electric shaver for sensitive skin (best electric shaver)


Target A Specific Niche

So I believe, now you have understood what is a niche website.  A niche website must be about a specific niche. It must be such that whenever your visitor of your website has set out in that particular niche, he must always visit your website expecting that all the doubts regarding that particular niche will be cleared by your website.

Provide Good Content or Product:

Content or product which you offer to your website visitors is the most valuable part of your website. If suppose your visitors are not satisfied with the content you offer on your website, no one is going to come back and as time passes by, you will also fall out from Google search results. So always make sure you provide top-class content on your niche websites.

My first niche website which I made back in 2007 was all auto generated content. That content was not at all useful but still Google send me traffic and I made Money, but if you do the same now in 2016, Google and Bing will bury you deep down and below top 1000 search results. So have in mind, good content or a great product is where the success of your niche website depends on.

Niche Vs Non Niche Websites

I know you will be very interested to know what are the differences in between niche and other general multi-niche websites.

  1. Multi-niche websites require so much time and money to start and then to maintain. You will need a team to take care of your website. For the niche websites it is relatively cheaper to start and even cheaper to maintain them in the long run.
  2. Multiniche websites get lakhs of visitors each month while your specific niche is limited to several thousand visitors from people searching for the keywords in your specific niche.
  3. A successful multi-niche website makes several times the income of a niche website, but the hardest part is to make it successful while on the other hand making and ranking your niche website would be much economical.
  4. In a niche website, there would be normally 10 to 100 pages. On the other hand, authority websites targeting multiple niches have lots of pages (even more than 100,000) in them.
  5. Niche websites can be completely set and forget type. The sites which I have made and ranked in 2012 are still making me income withstanding most of the Google updates. But for a authority sites targeting multiple niches, you have the need to constantly update them since your competition will also post similar content and you will be outdone by them when you don’t post new stuff for a long period of time. The thing here is not posting content, but the competition.

Okay so, now you clearly know what is a niche website. But now there are two types of niche websites based on the content they have.

  1. Micro niche websites
  2. authority niche websites

Don’t confuse between the authority websites which I mentioned in the beginning of this article. Those are the general authority websites while the one I have mentioned here is a specific niche authority website.

A micro niche website is generally a website targeting a keyword that has 500-1000 monthly searches and has 3 to 4 pages in it. At one stage I have had clients who managed thousands of micro niche websites. But ever since panda, penguin and all those Google animals started coming out, micro niche websites started losing their charm. It is because Google favoring websites with more number of pages than these micro niche websites which have 3-4 pages in it.

That’s when marketers started building authority niche websites with much more and better content than micro niche websites.

For example, I have recently created a website for adsense income, it was regarding Castor oil.  It has so many sub- keywords with more than 1000+ searches per month. What I did was I compiled a list of all the keywords in that particular niche and I gave it to my team to write content.  They wrote me 100+ articles ranging from 500-3000+ words based on the requirement and a it has already started bringing income for me from AdSense. It also has some products ( not very high price ) on amazon which I promote within my articles using affiliate links to get a commission from Amazon. [P.S: Castor oil in general is not a so easy niche, so do your research before starting your website on this niche. They have some easy keywords too.]

So now, you have understood what a niche website is, your next step would be to find out how to build a niche website that actually makes money. If you would like to skip the learning & planning process, you can directly go ahead and purchase one of the premade niche websites which are available for sale in our website.

If you have any questions, share them using the comment form below and I’ll respond to you. Thanks for reading.

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