Special Offer: 47 Aged Money Making Niche Sites @ Giveaway Prices

You might have already known about Amazon associates program,millions of affiliates use amazon affiliate program to make money from home.

If you are already making an income from amazon affiliate program using niche websites,you may know the benefits and advantages of using an aged niche website to rank  in Google.

 Amazon affiliate income generated by one of our aged niche sites.


As you know Google doesn’t rank a website instantly as soon as you create.  Google places your new website in sandbox for over 6 months to 1 year. During this time, you won’t be able to rank any keywords in google, no matter how good your content is or how great your link building is.

That’s why people trying to make money from amazon associates or other affiliate programs buy aged indexed domains, auction domains with backlinks etc.

This way, they add content to already aged websites, spend some bucks on backlinks and instantly start ranking for so many keywords.

If you track the statistics of any website in google, you can find out the traffic is at peak after 2-3 years. Not immediately after they setup the site. This is because google trusts the website after some period of time.

What's the advantage of Aged Niche sites?

You can skip google sandbox

You can spend less $$ on backlinks & seo

They give results faster

You don’t need to wait for 6 months-1 year to get ranked.

You can rank for posts without backlinks. (at times)

You can be a bit faster in building links without worrying about penalty.


We at Upniche.com build niche websites and allow them to rest for 6 months to several years and then sell them as aged niche website that is capable of making lots of money when you start search engine optimization for it.

How to use these sites?

Install an ssl certificate

Update the year in title/content.

Remove or update outdated content.

Integrate your amazon affiliate tag

Get a plan to expand the website. (We’ll give you)

Write content for the new plan and post them.

Get some quality guest posts/Niche edits

Track your progress,rankings and income.

As of now, we have over 47 established websites available for sale. If you  like any of the website niche from below, you may proceed and get additional details about the website from us.

Think of it this way, purchasing a land in a prime location Vs purchasing a land in an far away area from the City. That’s the difference between an aged website and a new website.

Note: Price mentioned in the product pages are different from the special offer pricing in this page. You can just send the payments to order@upniche.com for the respective site price & claim your website.If you have any doubts or questions, email to contact@upniche.com .

Find out all our premade niche sites here.

If you are looking for a custom niche site service, we do that as well.

Aged Pre-made Sites with High Potential- Can make over $$$$$+

Premade Niche Site 1:

Site:1 Sinus Niche

Sinus Niche
Income made: $96.48 (2019)+ $212.67  (2018)
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built:No
Price: $1500
Potential: Huge niche with hungry buyers capable of making $$$$$ per month.

Premade Niche Site:2

Camping Niche Site

Camping Niche
Income made: $77.4 (2019)+ $160  (2018)
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built:No
Price: $1500
Potential: Camping niche has very good potential.can make $$$$ per month.

Premade Niche Site:3

Baby Niche Site

Baby gears Niche
Income made: $56 (2019)+ $93 (2018)
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built:No
Price: $1500
Potential: Baby niche sells like hot cakes. You just need to rank.

Premade Niche Site 4

Site:2 Splash Guards Niche

Splash guards Niche
Income made: $42.42 (2019)+ $153.64 (2018)
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $1000
Potential: $500-$1000+. But can expand to sub niches.

Premade Niche Site:5

Speakers Niche Site

Sound Bars Niche
Income made: $26 (2019)+ $130 (2018)
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built:No
Price: $1500
Potential: $$$$. Can make you fortunes when ranked.

Premade Niche Site 6

Emergency Radio Niche Site

Emergency Radi0 Niche
Income made: $35.39 (2019) + $533.49 (2018)
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $1500
Potential: $1000+. Can expand the site with survival niche keywords too.

Premade Niche Site:7

Shaver Niche Site

Razor Niche
Income made: $29 (2019)+ $71 (2018)
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built:No
Price: $1500
Potential: $$$$ A niche with very high conversion.

Premade Niche Site 8

Animal Repellent Niche Site

Animals Niche
Income Made:- $52.09 (2019)+ $65.28 (2018)
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $1500
Potential: You can expand this site with animal & pest repellent keywords. Site has the potential to make over $1000 in a short period of time.

Premade Niche Site 9

Egg Cooker Niche Site

Egg cooker Niche-
Income Made: $8.44+16.44 (There were other commissions in 2018 which were tracked using a general amazon tracking code)
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $799
Potential: $500-1000+ when ranked for its keywords.

Premade Niche Site 10

Sleeping Products Niche Site

Sleeping Niche-
Income Made:$35.54 (2019)+41.46 (2018)
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $1500
Potential: $$$$$+ Sleeping is a huge niche. It can be grown into a huge site.

Premade Niche Site 10

Clay Mask Niche Site

clay mask-
Income Made:$9.02+9.23 (There were other commissions tracked using a general affiliate tag)
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $500
Potential: This can also be used to sell the particular product. It is a face mask which people in the US buy for beauty purposes. Can make $$$$ if used for selling your own product.

Premade Niche Site 12

Chest Freezer Niche Site

chest freezer Niche-
Income Made:$12.16+18.49
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $1000
Potential: This site can easily make over $1000+ per month. You have so many high priced products to promote.

Premade Niche Site 13

Cooking Tool Niche Site

Cooking Product Niche
Income Made: – $41.18+76.38
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $1000
Potential: Has expensive products to promote. Can make $1000+.

Premade Niche Site:14

Office Products Niche Site

Office Tools Niche
Income made: $43 (2019)+ $63.44 (2018)
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built:No
Price: $1000
Potential: Can make $1000+. Has expensive products to promote.

Premade Niche Site 15

Violin Niche Site

Violin Niche-
Income Made:$34.10+31.73
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $1000
Potential: $1000+. Can be used also to sell violins, violin parts or violin guides.

Premade Niche Site 16

Hummingbird Niche Site

Hummingbird Niche-
Income Made:$4.86+21.86
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $500
Potential: $1000+ can write about various birds, bird products and health tips.

Premade Niche Site 17

Hair Products Niche Site

Hair brush-
Income Made: $6.47+9.46 (had other commissions before tracking with this aff tag)
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $500
Potential: $500-$1000+. You can target other hair related keywords in this site.

Premade Niche Site 18

Foosball Niche Site

Foosball Table Niche
Income Made:$1.74+21.61
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $500
Potential: $1000+ Can develop into an entire foosball guide. Can also write other game reviews.

Premade Niche Site 19

Jewellery Products Niche Site

Jewellery Niche-
Income Made:$4.98
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $300
Potential: $500+

Premade Niche Site 20

Projector Niche Site

Projector Niche-
Income Made:$7.07
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $1000
Potential: $$$$$+ Very profitable niche with huge commissions.

Premade Niche Site 21

Guitar Niche Site

Guitar  Niche-
Income Made:$6.80
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $500
Potential: $1000+

Premade Niche Site 22

Griddles Niche Site

Income Made:$4.96+$3.3
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $400
Potential: $1000+

Premade Niche Site 23

Garden Hose Niche Site

Garden hose-
Income Made: $5.20+$5.20 (There were other commissions before tracking with this id)
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $500
Potential: $500+

Premade Niche Site 24

Beach Products Niche Site

Beach umbrella-
Income Made:$10.68+49.59
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $1000
Potential: $1000+ can expand with all beach products.

Premade Niche Site 25

Juicer Niche Site

Juicer Niche-
Income Made:$0.27
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $300
Potential: $1000+ when ranked for its keywords.

Premade Niche Site 26

Lawn Products Niche Site

Lawn edger-
Income Made: $4.21+25.60
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $1000
Potential: $1000+ per month. You can cover the entire lawn niche.

Premade Niche Site 27

Bike Lock Niche Site

Bike lock-
Income Made: $1.73+$26.43
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $799.
Potential: $500+. Can make over $1000 if you expand it with other bike related keywords.

Premade Niche Site 28

Cigar Tools/Humidor Niche Site

cigar tools-
Income Made:$1.12
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $300
Potential: $500+when ranked for its keywords.

Premade Niche Site 29

Propane Burner Niche Site

Propane Burner niche-
Income Made:$22.01 (2018)
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $799

Premade Niche Site 30

Swimming Products Niche Site

Swimming Goggles-
Income Made:$19.72 (2018)
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $500
Potential: $1000+ when expanded with other swimming product keywords.

Premade Niche Site 31

Bathroom Products Niche Site

Towel warmer-
Income Made: $78.56 (in 2018)
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $ 1000
Potential: $1000+.

Premade Niche Site:32

Jackets Niche Site

Leather Jackets Niche
Income made: $15 (2019)+ $49 (2018)
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built:No
Price: $1000
Potential: $1000+. Good niche to make a lot of money when ranked.

Premade Niche Site 33

Inflatable Bedding Niche Site

Bedding- $26.36 (2018)
Income Made:
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $799

Premade Niche Site 34

Anti Aging

Anti aging-
Income Made:$6.64 (2018)
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $300
Potential: Huge niche with $$$$, if you are able to rank, you’ll rake in profits.

Premade Niche Site:35

Kitchen items Niche Site

Kitchen items Niche
Income made: $9.45 (2018)
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built:No
Price: $500
Potential: $1000+ when ranked.

Premade Niche Site 36

Fish Finder/Fishing Niche site

Fish finder-
Income Made:$20.54 (2018)
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $799
Potential: $1000+. You can expand this site into an fishing authority site.

Premade Niche Site 37

Vacuum Sealer Niche Site

Income Made:$2.97
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $300

Premade Niche Site 38

Trumpet Niche Site

Income Made:$6
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $300
Potential: $1000+

Premade Niche Site:39

PC products Niche Site

PC products niche site
Income made: $16
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built:No
Price: $500
Potential: $1000+

Premade Niche Site 40

bike trainer Niche Site

bike trainer-
Income Made:$5
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $300
Potential: $1000+

Site 32

Premade Niche Site 41

Robot Vacuum Niche Site

Robot Vacuum
Income Made:$0
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $300
Potential: $$$$$ If you can rank, you can bank.

Premade Niche Site 42

Turn Table Niche Site

Turn table niche.
Income Made:$0
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $300
Potential: $500+

Premade Niche Site 43

Office Plants Niche Site

Office Plants
Income Made: Adsense niche site.
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $250
Potential: can be used for plant based niche sites or for selling guest posts.

Premade Niche Site 44

STD treatment Niche Site

STD Treatment
Income Made:$0 Clickbank niche site.
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $200
Potential: Can make a fortune if you can rank for the keywords.
Url: Stdtreatmentplus.com

Premade Niche Site 45

Yeast Cure Niche Site

Yeast Infection
Income Made:$0 clickbank niche site.
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $200
Potential: Huge if you can rank for the main keywords.
Url: Yeastcureblog.com

Premade Niche Site 46

Easel Niche Site

Easel Niche site
Income Made: Not tracked using separate affiliate tag. But has made commissions.
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $300

Premade Niche Site 47

Mombonds Niche Site

Income Made: New site, this is not aged site.
SEO Done: No
Backlinks Built: No
Price: $899

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104 Successful Examples of Amazon,Adsense& Affiliate Niche Websites

Are you looking for niche  Website examples to keep them as your inspiration to build your own AdSense or Amazon affiliate website from scratch? Then this list of 100  successful amazon & adsense niche sites will help you move in the right direction when building your first niche site.

We have listed down both microniche and authority niche sites  in this list. some sites are owned by million dollar companies while the other are owned by people like you and me.

The common thing between all these sites is that they monetize their website either by using Amazon associate program, adsense advertising program or other affiliate programs like clickbank, cj etc.

Browsing through these websites will help you setting up your first niche website  and educate you with the stuffs that is required to make your website a success.

Some websites in this list of 100 niche site examples make over five figures a day while some other make around $500 a month.

Note: I have Included the sites  which we found during our research sure best niche website examples. we never had the intention  to willingly include any of your websites or to make them public. some of the websites mentioned in this list are owned by us. we believe that no matter how many people  take your website as inspiration or try to copy your success, only a Limited action takers can succeed. if you feel you don’t want your niche website to be listed here, just send us a message and we’ll remove it.

Alert: Most people make a mistake,  they just find a website and then try to replicate the success of that website by just making a exact copy of a competitor.  if you are trying to do the same, I would bet that this is not the right time for such stuff. since Google is very strict on filtering out low quality websites,  you can succeed only if you invest your time and money in building a quality website. Furthermore, the website mentioned here are all not low competitive, some are extremely Competitive and the reason why we have listed them here is just show you how successful and profitable ranking in a  competitive niche can be. But if you are just starting, do proper research and find out a low to medium competition niche for your first website.

These websites are not ranked based on any criteria. They are just listed with details beneath them like Monthly Traffic, Backlinks,DA,Fb fans,Youtube,Pinterest,No of keywords in google,Best Keyword,Estimated Income,Income Method,Website Age,Average Content Length.


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17 Steps To Rank & Earn With Your New Niche Website

Making your niche site earn in 2019 is not as easy as it was years before. There are so much new things you must take care of to make google love your site. Here is our updated guide to make google love your niche site.

This guide has 17 steps, which every successful niche site owner would probably know. If you are new to this thing, then this is the right guide which covers everything you need to perform to make your first niche site a success.

If you are a new customer who have already bought a niche website from us or a potential customer who is on the verge to make a purchase of our pre-made niche websites, this article will help you to find out what is required to make your first niche website succeed.

Once you have ranked your first niche website and have earned some money from it, you will clearly understand the art of making money online.

1.Have patience

First important thing is to have some patience to see results. You are not going to see instant results in a day. Look at this business just like any other off-line businesses. This is going to be at least a two to six month process. Setting up a website will take only a few days, but making money from that website requires patience. But those of you who wait and have patience will be rewarded while others who drop out in the middle will suffer in their boring offline job again.

Google now has a sandbox mode in which they do not rank new websites instantly even if they have quality content and powerful backlinks. (You can buy our aged sites to skip sandbox) It is to prevent low quality churn & burn sites  from appearing in the top 10 results of Google.It is because there are very smart SEO’s out there who tame Google and achieve first page results within few days after registering a new domain.

So you must have patience to grow your site with content and links even when you are not seeing any results before the site comes out of Google sandbox. There is no one who confirms that this exists, but everyone who builds niche sites have a similar experience of waiting 3-5 months for ranking the top keywords.

Don’t lose focus during your first six months. You will start seeing results by the end of second month, but don’t stop working until you reach the potential income or your target. Keep Improving your website everyday

2. Analyze your entire site

Though we take every steps to provide you your perfectly optimized website, but still it is your duty to take good care of your website. For that, you have to go through every individual pages of your website and find out what is where.

Check for any errors present in any pages, in the appearance of your website, any errors occurring in the theme/plugins and fix each one of them. Make sure it is working 100% fine.

Run your site through google pagespeed insights and make sure it loads fast on mobile & pc. Faster sites tends to rank better in search engines.

Run your site through siteliner and make sure that there is no copied content in your website. Having copied content will affect your website such that it never reaches top 10. Websites we build have articles that are already checked by copyscape, but still it is your website and there is nothing wrong in being extra cautious.

Check all the links in your website and make sure they are pointing to the right destination.


3.Set up the essential social profiles

Now since you have made sure that your website has no errors in it, the next step is to acquire all the social media profiles for your website. For example, our website name is Upniche and so we have acquired the profile upniche in google+, Facebook, Twitter .

Do the same in your favorite social networks, add a proper profile, add your website address and make sure it looks authentic.

4.Know the keywords you are targeting

You must know what your destination is. No one can succeed without knowing what their goal or success is. So collect the keywords which you are targeting in your website. If you have bought your website from us, we might have already supplied the keyword list along with your purchase mail.

So get that list of keywords and go through the pages which are targeting those particular keywords while comparing them with the competitor websites which are already ranking for the same keywords. Make sure your website is the best providing top class content for that particular keyword.

Use a rank tracking software to track the ranking of your keywords.

5.Set up silo structure :


Your website must have a clear navigational structure separated into neat subsections so that it is easy for anyone to browse through your website. If your niche site has very less number of pages, then there is no need for a silo structure.

But if it is a robust site with lots of content and different sub topics, you will definitely need a proper silo structure to group them into relevant pages linking each other.


6.Monitor your progress from day one

You must monitor your progress from day one, so that you will get some motivation when you see the slow and steady growth of your website. To monitor your website there are two tools which are very essential, one is Google analytics and other is Google Webmaster tools. Sign up for both the programs and add their tracking code to your website.

Google analytics will show you the number of visitors to your website and what each visitor perform on your website. This data will help you in effectively improving your website.

Google Webmaster tools will show you how your site is performing in google search. It will also show you the back links which you acquire through time. Submit a site map to Google Webmaster tools. You can find sitemap listed under yoast seo option if you have purchased a website from us. If you do not have yoast seo  installed in your website, install it or install google xml sitemaps if you already have another seo plug-in installed.

7.Add quality content very often

The website which you how received from us will have a good amount of content on it. But still there is a need for you to update your website with fresh content whenever you have time. I make sure I add a new article to my website at least once in a week.

Adding new articles has several advantages,

  1. You are improving the number of keywords targeted on your website
  2. you are showing Google that your website is being updated with fresh new content very often thus making Google consider your website as the go-to source for your particular topic.
  3. If you want to rank a main article, it must to have some supplementary articles with relevant content showing that your website has enough content for your keyword.

I have a team to write content for my niche websites. So that’s very easy for me to update my niche websites with fresh content. But if you’re a person who don’t have interest to write your own article, you can either use our content writing service or services like textbroker iwriter.

The 7 steps listed above are basic steps which you perform within your site and which is completely under your control. Now we must go to the next step, the very important step which is link building.

How to build links to your niche website

Building links to niche website in 2019 is completely different from what you might have heard before several years.  A Good link can rank your website, while a bad link can harm your website and spoil all your rankings. So make sure you only build links which are relevant and of good quality. Never go for quantity but instead go for quality.

When building links you must follow a gradual approach of improving step-by-step rather than building hell lot of links within a week. Acquiring 1000 links in a week will definitely be a red signal to google.

8.Keep your social profiles active

We have more than 25 active websites and we take time to post content to Facebook , Google+and Twitter pages. Add a post, engage with your fans and keep it active. This is to make sure these social profiles which link back to your website looks branded/authentic in the eyes of search engines.

When using social media profiles, don’t underestimate the power of Google plus, as I am getting a good number of referral traffic from Google plus than from Facebook and Twitter.

9.Start with social signals

Get some shares, tweets & pins to your website. You can either get them by joining a program like Addmefast or by running a small fb ad campaign. Getting social signals has an effect in ranking your website faster than ranking a website without social signals. There are people who claim that social signals do not have any effect for ranking in Google. But I believe it still has an advantage to get social signals to your website.

I also run small contests on my websites giving out prizes/ Amazon gift cards to the winners by encouraging them to tweet, share, pin and comment. This way I make a buzz around my website even before it is ranked in google.

There is nothing wrong in running a contest once in a while by spending $50-$100 if you have the budget.  If you do not have the budget, try all other ways of getting some social signals to your website.

10.Start with your foundation links- Blog Commenting

I always recommend people to have a gradual link building strategy so that your website will make a smart passive income for years to come. I also recommend people to have a clean backlink profile which will pass a manual review from google.

So to begin with link building, start with blog commenting. For blog commenting, always use your name and do not use keywords as your anchor text as other bloggers mostly delete a comment which has a anchor text as the comment author name.

For my websites, I usually encourage my team to comment on both authority blogs on any niche and then blogs on the relevant niches. Most of the blogs have comments as no follow, but still that will add an influence to your website rankings.

11.Be active on niche relevant forums:

Find relevant forums in your niche and become  a member of it. Don’t pitch your links the first day you become the member of the forum. Start with providing valuable suggestions. Add a signature when you are allowed to add it. Different forums have different rules to allow a member to use a signature link. Some forums have a 50 post minimum limit before you are allowed to use a signature.

If you find a post asking for help in the forum and you know that there is a relevant  article in your website which will benefit that particular question, help them with the link to an article. Gradually become an active member on these relevant forums and at the same time build quality links with relevant forum posts.

12.Quora Answers:

Quora has become another important source of quality back links. Find some relevant questions in the niche and add links of your website to your answers. But make sure it is relevant and your answer is of good quality.

13.Get Some Web 2.0/ Parasite Links

Web 2.0 is not as effective as it was earlier, but it still has the ability to rank low competitive websites. I have an article live in linkedin, which ranked a niche site for so many long tail keywords. The best part is, there was no other link built to that site except a high quality article published to linkedin. Web 2.0 sites still have some value.  You can’t rank your main keywords just by using web 2.0, but don’t miss it in your link building schedule. Never buy web 2.0’s links with non relevant content.

All the above links were built by yourself, now it is time to contact other webmasters and ask them if they can link to us. It is going to be a bit hard in getting these type of links, but one such link is very powerful than 100 of the links which you built using the above techniques.

14.Guest posts

This is the most important type of link which is going to rank your website. Guest post is nothing but posting on other websites in your niche with your article. Every website has different rules on accepting guest posts. So first find relevant blogs that accept guest post and brainstorm ideas/blog post titles that you feel would benefit that blog and will be accepted by that website owner. You must give the best of yours, only then another website owner will accept your guest post. 


15.Resources page links

This way, you will add a resource page to your website and link to another authority blog either in your niche or neighboring niches and then notify them about the link in your website and requesting them if they would be able to do the same. Most of the time you would get a link back as there is no one who don’t like links from relevant websites.

16.Expert Roundup posts:

Expert round up posts are nothing but choosing a topic and asking 10-100 fellow bloggers/experts in your niche about their opinion on that particular question. You will then compile them into a list, make it interesting to read and post it in your blog. Once the post is live, notify the experts saying the post is live. Most people will share it on their profile and link to that from their blog.

17.Private Blog Network Links:

If you have very less success in building links using the above methods, the last thing you have to do is make your own pbn or buy links from a pbn service provider.

There are some risk associated with building your private blog network or buying links from a pbn. It is a black hat technique and when Google figures out that you have acquired links from private blog networks, your site might be penalized and your rankings might fall. But what makes people still to go for it is because they achieve results very fast than any other method.

You can go through this route if you want full control over the links you build. Private blog means a blog made on a high authority domain with the sole purpose of linking to your money sites. When you say private blog network, there are so many people offering cheap low quality private blog network links which might penalize your website in the future when google figures them out.

So you could very well make your own private blog network if you have the budget for that. The main cost would be buying a domain with clean backlink profile, a hosting (you can’t host multiple pbn in the same hosting ) and the cost of the content.

So now that you have read what it takes to rank your website, below is a schedule which you can follow to rank your website.

First Month

  1. Setup all your social profiles, Add google analytics & webmaster tools to your site.
  2. Check your site for any issues.
  3. Send some social signals to your site.
  4. Join as a member in relevant forums and answer two posts a day.
  5. Make 5 comments on relevant authority blogs with your website url.
  6. Answer one question per day in quora with your link.
  7. Add one new article every week. (If you have time, you can any number of articles per week)
  8. Read more about SEO, Backlinks & on page optimization.



Second Month Strategy

  1. Write one article every two weeks.
  2. Read more about outreach, guest blogging. Contact other bloggers and warm them up with your friendship so that it would be easy for you to pitch them up with your questions/links.
  3. Keep all your social profiles active. Post to them everyday or atleast once in a week.
  4. Select 10-20 bloggers in your niche and send them your expert post round up question. Make sure to publish your first expert roundup post this second month.
  5. Build 5 web 2.0 with unique content, Create an infographics if possible. Learn more about infographic link building here.
  6. Start tracking your keywords rankings so that you know the improvements in rankings.

Third & Fourth Month Strategy

  1. Visit relevant blogs in your niche, comment on them and build a friendship with them. Complement them through email in a way they reply.
  2. Pitch them politely for a guest post through their email. When approaching them make sure you already have 3-4 topics selected for the guest post. Include them in your mail to find out which one they are interested in. If they do not allow guest posts, ask them for a resource page link by adding their link to yours.
  3. Get alteast 10 guest posts active during month 3-4.
  4. And your routine of blog commenting, forum profile, quora, social signals must continue whenever you have time.


Fifth & Sixth Month Strategy

  1. Signup for a trial of semrush & ahrefs and analyse where your competitors are getting their backlinks. Try to replicate as many links of your competitors.
  2. If you have built good relationships and acquired atleast 10-20 guest posts from other niche blogs, there is a good chance that by now your site would be making you good money. But there are chances that sometime your site might need a PBN push. If you have had good success with outreach & guest posting, you do not need pbn. Just continue with the routine of previous month.
  3. Be cautious, very cautious when you build your pbn or buy pbn links from some one. There are people who blindly recommend lighting rank & rank guardian. But there are stories against them as well.
  4. Add content to your website whenever you have time. Keep your social profiles active and chances are high that you are already making some passive income at this stage with steady rankings in google.

After Six Months:

  1. Optimize the pages for better conversions. Test and tweak your affiliate link positions.
  2. Add content once in a month.
  3. Try building a brand around your website by offering contests/prices to your visitors.
  4. Now that your first niche site is a success, go to the next niche site project and start from the beginning.



If you are confident that you can perform these steps, why not chose a readymade niche site and start your passive income niche site success journey? If you are webmaster and having a greater resource to add to this article, just send us an mail to contact at upniche.com

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