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Are you looking for niche  Website examples to keep them as your inspiration to build your own AdSense or Amazon affiliate website from scratch? Then this list of 100  successful amazon & adsense niche sites will help you move in the right direction when building your first niche site.

We have listed down both microniche and authority niche sites  in this list. some sites are owned by million dollar companies while the other are owned by people like you and me.

The common thing between all these sites is that they monetize their website either by using Amazon associate program, adsense advertising program or other affiliate programs like clickbank, cj etc.

Browsing through these websites will help you setting up your first niche website  and educate you with the stuffs that is required to make your website a success.

Some websites in this list of 100 niche site examples make over five figures a day while some other make around $500 a month.

Note: I have Included the sites  which we found during our research sure best niche website examples. we never had the intention  to willingly include any of your websites or to make them public. some of the websites mentioned in this list are owned by us. we believe that no matter how many people  take your website as inspiration or try to copy your success, only a Limited action takers can succeed. if you feel you don’t want your niche website to be listed here, just send us a message and we’ll remove it.

Alert: Most people make a mistake,  they just find a website and then try to replicate the success of that website by just making a exact copy of a competitor.  if you are trying to do the same, I would bet that this is not the right time for such stuff. since Google is very strict on filtering out low quality websites,  you can succeed only if you invest your time and money in building a quality website. Furthermore, the website mentioned here are all not low competitive, some are extremely Competitive and the reason why we have listed them here is just show you how successful and profitable ranking in a  competitive niche can be. But if you are just starting, do proper research and find out a low to medium competition niche for your first website.

These websites are not ranked based on any criteria. They are just listed with details beneath them like Monthly Traffic, Backlinks,DA,Fb fans,Youtube,Pinterest,No of keywords in google,Best Keyword,Estimated Income,Income Method,Website Age,Average Content Length.