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A-Z Of Affiliate Income with Amazon Associates Program

There are so many affiliate programs available online for website/application owners to earn money from their website.

But still it is the amazon affiliate program which is the best rated and highest used affiliate program as of now. As per different online research datas published, amazon associate program is used on exactly 1 percentage of all websites online.

It is only next to google adsense program, which is used to monetize approximately 15% of all websites online as of now.

859000 Websites Use Amazon AssociatesOne percentage among billions of website is not a small figure and so many webmasters have chosen to use amazon associate program to monetize their website.It is evident that there is something special about the amazon associate program.

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 What Is Amazon Associates Program

 Amazon is a marketplace with billions of products.

You can sign up to the amazon affiliate program and promote the products available on amazon using the special referral links provided to you.

Whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link and purchases a product from amazon, you get a recorded affiliate commission for the purchase.

Amazon AssociatesWhat is Amazon Associates Program

How to Get Started With Amazon Affiliate Program

 The first thing you need to get started with amazon affiliate program is, you need to have a website or a social media channel or a popular mobile application.

What You Need to Get Started with Amazon Associates

If you do not already have a popular mobile application or followers in social media, then having an amazon niche website is the easiest way for you to get started with amazon associate program.

Here is data showing the amount of income earned by amazon affiliate marketers using different platforms.

Amazon Associate Income Made From Websites,Youtube,Social Media & App

So let’s look into each of the sections required for you to start as an amazon affiliate marketer today.

We also have readymade niche websites using which you can skip all the website setup process and immediately get started with the amazon affiliate program.

Here is a picture showing, why we recommend amazon affiliate websites to earn using amazon associates program when compared to other platforms like youtube,facebook,twitter,pinterest,instagram and mobile applications.

Why Amazon Affiliate Website is the best choice for Amazon Associates

1.Create A Website Or Blog

Most people may be confused on “how to create an amazon affiliate website?” if they are new to this stuff. But it is not as tedious as you think. (If you want to outsource this work, hire us to build your amazon niche site)

The first step in creating an amazon affiliate website is that you have to identify a niche (market) which you feel is suitable for your first amazon associate niche website. Examples of niches are pets, beauty, security etc.

 If you choose a wrong niche, it is definite that you will fail in your first niche site journey. There are so many available niches and billions of products available in amazon for you to promote.

Do proper research and find out one niche which you feel is the best and has products in the $100 range for you to promote.

If you choose extremely low priced products, you won’t have any commission margin when you refer a sale. In that case you would have to generate hundreds of sale a day, to make a handful of income.

 Here in our website, we listed down over thousand niches from which you can choose your amazon website niche from. Below has a few.

Fitness Weight Loss Health Pets Beauty Gadgets Furnitures Sports Fishing Home Decor
Travel Babies Maternity Hiking Camping Cooking Sleeping Running Yoga Music Training
Hair care Bedding Bicycles Motorcycles Shooting Hunting Gardening Pest control Home cleaning Office equipments
Entertainment Home Security Smart Home Lighting Spa Industrial Outdoor Aerobics Massage Beach Products
Home Furnishings Clothing Survival Home Comfort School supplies Luggage Drones Quadcopters

If you would like to check previous examples of successful amazon niche websites, here they are.  Use these websites as an inspiration to create your niche website, but do not try to imitate or copy them 100%.

36 Big & Small Examples of Amazon Niche Sites
Real Examples of Amazon Niche sites Making $50-$1000+ Per day.

 Choose the right niche

 Every market which has a separate buyer base is called a niche, for example baby health, baby feeding,  horse riding, guitar training,  best sports instruments are all different niches like which there are so many available for you to choose a niche.  Once you choose the right niche, do thorough research using tools like semrush, ahrefs and google keyword planner to select a set of keywords.

ALERT: Be careful in choosing your niche. Don’t choose niches which you are not comfortable in writing content. Don’t choose tough niches like weight loss, finance etc for your first niche site.

 Keyword research

 Once you choose your niche, the next step is to find out useful keywords that will help you rank without too much competition in the niche.  For example if you choose niches like weight loss, then it is not possible for you to rank it in google it without thousands of dollars of investment in seo.

 In case you spend enough time in keyword research and find out low competitive keywords and target them on your website, it can be extremely easy for you to rank and earn with that amazon affiliate website.  Here is a complete guide on keyword research which you must refer before choosing niche and keywords for your site.

Choosing the right keyword will help you accelerate your success and make your niche website profitable in a short period of time.

So let’s find out the right way a to research keywords for your Amazon Associates niche website.

Before you begin your keyword research,  you must have the following points in your mind, so that you don’t make common mistakes made by other affiliate marketers.

Choose keywords with buyer intent

For Amazon associate program,  as you want your customers to purchase products from your affiliate link,  you have to always target keywords with buyer intent.

If your buyer do not have an intention to purchase products after reading your content, it means you have targeted a keyword which is not useful.

For example “how does a welding machine work” is an  informational keyword which the searcher is using to  find out more information about the working of welding machines.

If  if you promote a welding machine to this visitor, He is never going to purchase anything from your link if he visits your site when searching for the above keyword.

But on the other hand, if you  rank for a keyword “best welding machines under $1000” , this searcher has the  intention to purchase a welding machine immediately which is priced under $1000.

If you are able to convince the visitor to purchase using your affiliate link, then  possibilities are that you might earn a $80 commission from the sale.

So always make sure that you you choose a keyword with buyer intent.

Examples of buyer intent keywords:

  • Best headphone
  • Best headphone under $50
  • JBL Headphone review
  • JBL Vs Beats Headphone comparison

Examples of Non Buyer Keywords:

  • Who founded JBL headphone
  • JBL customer care number
  • Headphone technology
Choose Non Seasonal Keywords

When I first started my Amazon affiliate journey, i chose a keyword “best christmas gifts”.

This keyword had 12100  monthly searches but people search for this keyword only during November and December.  If you build your niche website on this keyword, you will make money only during few months in a year.

Don't Choose Seasonal Keywords for Amazon Associates Niche Site
Image shows seasonal keyword data from Keyword Planner.

So always go for a keyword which has  equal or evergreen searches throughout the year.

Make Sure You Have Enough Search Volume

When searching for keywords,  always make sure that you have at least a minimum of 500  monthly searches for your main keyword.

If you choose a keyword with less than 500 monthly searches,  it won’t be profitable in the long run unless the product is priced over $300.

Why You Should Avoid Low Searches Amazon Associate Keywords
All the keywords are good buyer intent keywords, but they can’t be used as your main keyword due to low volume of searches.

If a product is priced over $1000,  you can choose keywords even if they have 100-500 searches per month. But make sure they are low competitive.

Make sure they have enough products on amazon

Since your  website monetization depends on the availability of relevant products on Amazon,  always make sure there are multiple products available for you to promote.

Search Results For Amazon Associates Keyword Research
Keyword: Hair Remover showing many relevant products available in amazon.

In case there is only one product for you to promote,  I recommend you to skip this keyword unless the product is priced high and is from a well known manufacturer/brand.

Why You Must Not Promote Products with only one brand in Amazon Associates
If you promote items which are produced only by one brand, if they go out of business, you too will go out of affiliate income.

If the product is priced less than $100  and there is only one product for your keyword,  do not choose this keyword.

Don’t choose e-commerce keywords

since you are going  build a website promoting products from another  e-commerce website amazon, do not choose keywords that  directly compete with Amazon.

for example

Buy projectors

Buy shoes online

Buy  headphones amazon

These are keywords for which  will rank higher than you and you can never outrank  E-Commerce websites for buyer keywords.

Why You Can't Rank With Ecommerce Keywords in Amazon Associates
Image shows the keyword Canopy Playhouse Dominated by Amazon& Other Ecommerce sites.
Are there other amazon niche sites ranking?

This is another symbol that you can take as a positive signal when searching for keywords.

If there is atleast one amazon niche site ranking for your keyword, it means you can also rank in the first page for the same keyword.

Beware of Ecommerce Websites & Robust Corporation Websites

If all the 10 results in the first page of Google are  E-Commerce websites, forget about that keyword..

Likewise if all the 10 results are .gov or other  government websites, forget about that keyword.

Furthermore if you find  review websites with millions of pages and you don’t find any small amazon niche sites,  you have to you skip this keyword. You won’t be able to rank in the top 10 for these keywords.

Thewirecutter is one such site which you won’t be able to outrank easily.

Tough Amazon Affiliate Keyword Dominated by Huge Websites Making Lot of Money
Forget about ranking for the best laptop keyword unless you are willing to spend $$$$ each month in SEO.

Now lets get into the keyword research process.

Seed Keywords

Seed keywords are  keywords which you use for your research process but not on your actual website. We use these keywords to find out potential long tail and hidden keywords in that particular niche.

First note down all the interesting topics which come to your mind.

For eg.

  • Gardening ,
  • Lawn,
  • Plant,
  • wood,
  • back pain,
  • computer,
  • mouse,
  • ceiling fan,
  • coconut,
  • table,
  • chair,
  • office,
  • home,
  • swimming 

These are few examples of seed keywords. Likewise whatever you get in your mind during your time of research can be your seed keyword. If you have not ideas, just visiting amazon and browsing through its categories will give you a lot of ideas.

Now if you continue your research using these seed keywords , you may find out many sub keywords of this niche.

For eg: By researching deep into gardening niche on amazon or google keyword planner, you can find garden bench, garden hose, garden tiller, garden tractor etc.

Note down all the keywords you get in a list.

Amazon Categories

Amazon Is a very important place to carry out your initial keyword research.

It has neatly classified the products into categories. So browsing through the categories, you will unlock so many hidden gems which you normally would have never known.

Finding Keywords From Amazon Using Seed keywords

Browsing through the patio seating category, we were able to get the sub categories of them. They were all product ideas on which we can build our niche website.

Keyword Ideas Generated from Amazon Affiliate Keyword Research
8 Keyword ideas found By Searching through Amazon,

But if you have an glimpse over these keywords, all these are ecommerce keywords which you cannot rank with your amazon affiliate website. So we will note down all these keywords in a list for further research using keyword planner.

Google Keyword Planner

As soon as you get a list of keywords from Amazon category research,  you have to now enter them into google keyword planner tool.

Google keyword planner tool is offered by Google AdWords advertising program.

You will get a lot of new ideas and buyer intent keywords as you search your seed keywords in google keyword planner.

It gives you clear data about the number of global and local monthly searches for each keywords.

It also shows you the clear trend and seasonality of the keyword. Make sure your keyword is evergreen throughout the year.

We decided to dig down the loveseats keyword and entered it as the seed keyword in Adwords keyword tool. Make sure you play with these filters to know each of them before starting your keyword research.

Setup The Keyword Research Filters

When we entered “loveseats” as the keyword into keyword planner, here is the results we got. Don’t forget to mark the country as united states before you start. This keyword has an evergreen trend throughout the year as seen in the data below.

Setting Country For Amazon Associate keyword research

Next thing is to setup closely related keywords and broadly related keywords. If you have finalized the keyword and wan’t to find out keyword very relevant to your search, then select “Closely related keywords”, If you are just entering a seed keyword, the select “broadly related keywords”

Now note down all the buyer intent keywords in a list after researching all your seed keywords. We found the below buyer intent keywords after researching the loveseat keyword.

  • loveseats for small spaces
  • leather loveseats for small spaces
  • loveseats under $300
  • best quality reclining loveseats
  • best loveseats for small spaces

We then entered the same keyword in semrush and found out the below keywords,

List of keywords from semrush

Since the keyword volume for the “best” type of keywords were low, we entered the main keyword in semrush to take a look of the original niche volume and keywords without the word best. So here is the list of all keywords in the loveseat niche.

Keyword research amazon associates in Loveseat niche

We found some interesting variations of the keywords in the above search using semrush. One such important variation of loveseat is “Reclining loveseat” with over 40,000 searches.

Though the Google keyword planner doesn’t give exact data of the number of searches for “Best kind of keywords” like best reclining loveseat, During our research, we found a lot of variations of this keyword. Each different variation can beautifully add up for us to create an awesome niche site promoting amazon associates product.

On searching for the “best reclining loveseat” on google, here is the results we obtained.

Amazon Associate Sites in Top 10-Keyword Research
No:1 is an affiliate site promoting just the keyword recliner loverseat.
No:2: Is an authority site promoting all kind of reclining furnitures.
No 3: Google suggestions showing this is a promising keyword.

Presence of sites 1 & 2 and non availability of extremely competitive websites in the top 10 except gives us a confidence that it is not a tough niche but there is money to be made in this niche from amazon affiliate program.

Amazon Suggestions

Enter all the buyer intent keywords which you found in the above keyword research process into amazon search box.

Note down all the variations of your  buyer intent keywords. This will help you when you write content.

Researching in Amazon For Keywords

In the above image you find the variations or features of loveseats that people are searching for. Note down these keywords.

The feature reclining seems to be very famous in the loveseats. So I decided to search for reclining in amazon and find out the suggestions. Here they are,

Reclining Niche Amazon Keyword Research
After searching for reclining in amazon, we found so many keywords in the reclining furniture niche. Reclining niche looks very promising.

Note: You have to make an important decision now. If you are looking to only target few keywords in your first niche site or if you are in a limited budget, you can target the reclining loveseats keyword only (similar to the example 1 niche we showed in this section). It has products priced over $300, has collectively over 1000 monthly searches for different best, review , under $$$ type of keywords.

But if you want your site to be expanded into an authority site, has the budget for getting content done for an authority site, then I’d recommend you to choose the reclining niche and target all the furnitures with reclining feature like the camping chair, loveseat, beach chair etc. It really depends on you and your budget.

Next Find out the number of products available for your keyword in amazon. We searched and found that there are so many  products to promote.

Also check whether the price of the product is over $100, if not at the least $50.

Product pricing for amazon associate sites research
Products are priced over $300+
Google Suggestions

Enter the keywords you found from google adwords to and find the suggestions that google offer you. If you have missed any keywords, make sure you add them to your list.

This will help you when writing content for your website. Group all the keywords in an excel file. Enter different search operators like best reclining+ for, best reclining+with, best recliners+under. You can do the same for best loveseats+(for,with or under).

A niche is very promising if it has so many variations and features which customers search for.

Reverse Keyword Research Trick

This is a method using which you can steal keywords from already popular  websites. You can find out what keyword a website is already ranking for and then create content for the easy ranking keywords first.

Just enter the domain name in semrush and you can view all the keywords which a website is ranking for.

Amazon Associates- Reverse Keyword research using semrush

Using the reverse keyword research, we found a few more amazon niche sites which are your competitors in this niche. You can go through the organic data of all these competitors websites and make a list of any keywords which you have missed in the above keyword research process.

Competition checking for your keywords

Now that  you have completed the keyword research process and collected list of keywords which you feel suits all the requirements which we mentioned above, then it is time for you to analyse the competition of the keywords. Make sure you have at least 10-15 keywords before you start your competition research.

Install Moz Bar

If you are using Chrome or Firefox,  I would recommend you to install the moz bar which will  give you useful domain DA/PA statistics which will be useful for you in your competition research.

Amazon Associates Competition Research Choose a keyword only if it satisfies the following conditions
  • Has  websites with low authority in the top 10
  • Make sure you find  at least 3-4 websites in the  top 10 of Google with Domain age less than 3
  • 2-3 websites with total domain Backlinks: Less than 1000
  • At least 2-3 sites with Moz DA/PA Less than 35
  • You feel the websites in top 10 are not worthy and provide low class content.
  • The top 10 is not dominated by ecommerce sites like amazon.

Other Positive Signals:

Having question answer sites in the top 10

Having question and answer websites like Quora in the top 10 results is an indication that you will be able to Rank easily by providing quality content.

Having Wikihow like sites

These are sites with content written by third party.  if you find any such sites, ranking in this niche is a bit easier for you.

Free blog platforms

Having sites like medium, blogger, google sites in the top 10 of Google indicates that at there is less competition in this niche.

News sites

If there are news sites ranking for your main keyword, it will be easy for you to outrank them with your quality site.

 Register the domain

 Once you choose the niche the keyword you are targeting in your first affiliate website,  You have to then register a domain to set up your first website.  Godaddy and namecheap are some famous domain registrars available as of now. You can register a domain for just $10 and get started using your domain within an hour.

Always choose a brandable domain for your amazon affiliate website.

Do not choose exact match keyword domains. They don’t work as of now.

I would recommend a few if you are to choose this niche, , , etc as your domain.

 Sign up for your hosting

 There are so many hosting companies available as of now, but the one we recommend and use for most of our websites are Wpxhosting and Siteground.  These two are exceptional hosting companies which are used by thousands of niche marketers.  They are capable of withstanding occasional traffic surge and they do not disable your account for going over the space or over the bandwidth limit without intimating you like other EIG based hosting. You can sign up to them here.

 Install wordpress in your domain

Once you have registered a domain and setup web hosting account with c panel,  you can directly go into the software installer present in the hosting control panel and install wordpress to your domain name.

 There are so many other site management softwares like shopify, squarespace, wix but still 9 out of 10 people starting with amazon associate program or other advertising programs choose wordpress for setting up their first website.  We never recommend you to go with free platforms like blogger since your data is not safe with them.

 Choose a proper wordpress theme

 Now that you have installed wordpress in your domain name, the next step is to choose the right wordpress theme for your website.  The wordpress theme which you choose must be loading fast,  easy to use,  easy to browse-through and also visually appealing to your visitors. It must be customisable and also work seamlessly with other third party plugins. The theme we recommend to build your first niche website is thrive or elementor.  Here is the list of best 10 wordpress themes of 2019 for amazon affiliate niche websites.

 Choose the right wordpress plugins

 Now that you have a domain,hosting, have installed wordpress and set up your website with a proper wordpress theme, the next step is to enhance your website with additional functionalities using various wordpress plugins.

  • Wp rocket (Or Wp Total Cache)
  • Wordfence
  • WordPress seo (Yoast)
  • Akismet
  • Contact Form 7
  • Cookie Notice
  • Tablepress
  • Thrive/Elementor

The are some plugins which you must install to all your wordpress installation by default. Some are paid plugins which you can skip if you are on a low budget.

 Content writing

 Now that you have perfectly setup your niche website,  the next step is to write a appealing content for your website. Never ever compromise with low quality content for your niche website. It never works like it worked on 2007. Previously in those days you could write whatever you wish to write and still rank with it the next day. But now it is not the case, you have to provide quality content and best experience for the visitor in your niche website. Only then google will start sending your traffic. If you write content that is grammatically wrong or not interesting to read, google would never rank you in the first page.

Collect all the keywords in your niche and start writing the content one by one.  You can write the content yourself or hire someone to write the content for you. We have a service where we write content for niche websites at a cheap price.

 Applying for amazon associate program

 Now that you have completely setup your website, the next thing is to apply for amazon associate program and get approved. Before you apply for amazon there is one essential stuff which you need to complete for amazon to approve your website.

 Set up a terms and conditions page

 Your website must have a valid terms and condition including all the essential conditions to use your website.  You must also mention “this website is a participant in the amazon associate program llc which provides a means for website owners to earn an affiliate commission by promoting products from amazon”.  This text must be visible clearly somewhere in the footer or in the sidebar. As per laws in various countries, it is required for you to declare to your user that you earn an affiliate commission for promoting the products in your website.

Visit Amazon Associates Page

Now head over to and click the join now button in the top right hand corner of the amazon associates website.

How to become an amazon affiliate If you already have an amazon  account, just enter the username and password of that account. Then you will be able to sign into amazon and submit your amazon associate application.

Read All the Rules

Make sure you read all the rules which are mentioned in the program page so that you don’t make any mistakes later. Amazon is very strict with their rules and it is not possible for you to create another account in case they disable your amazon associates account. So make sure you read it before starting with amazon program.

Rules to follow in amazon affiliate program

If you are creating a new account, amazon will ask you to verify your email address. Enter the code you received in amazon and sign in.

Enter Your Basic Details

As soon as you login to amazon or create a new account if you don’t have one,  you will be asked to enter your name, address ,phone number and other details. Make sure all the details which you provide them are right . They will also pay you in cheque for some countries, so make sure your address is right.

Enter your name, address,phone number to amazon associates programThe next step is to enter your website address, application url or social media links like youtube.

How to add websites in amazon associates program

What is your preferred associates store id

 This is one of the common questions people ask when they are signing up for the first time to amazon associate program.  It is just a tag which will be present in your affiliate link using which amazon will track all the sales you generate.  This tag will be permanent for your amazon associate account,  but it is possible for you to create associates store id for each of your websites.  So don’t think so much when deciding over associates store id, just enter a random or quick to remember associates store id and continue with it.

Preferred associate store id example
You can enter any random tag as your amazon associate store id. For eg. I chose to enter my website name.

In the next step, enter details like category of your website, and method used to generate traffic to your website.

Confirm Your Mobile Number

The final step is to confirm your mobile number where you will get an OTP confirmation, as soon as you enter the right OTP you will get your amazon affiliate account dashboard available for you. You can choose to enter the tax information at this time or at a later stage.

Successfully completed amazon associate registration
The tag which you find after successful amazon associate registration is your amazon associate tag,

The next steps to choose a payment method

 If you are from the United states, Canada, UK, France, Japan or other similar countries mentioned below, you are eligible to get your affiliate payment directly to your bank account.

For other countries like India which are not eligible, you can get your payment as gift card or bank cheque.

If there is payoneer available in your country,  there is a trick for you to get amazon associate payment through pioneer directly to your bank account.  We will be writing a tutorial shortly on how to receive amazon associate payments through payoneer.

Create your amazon affiliate links

 You can direct your visitor to any product link on amazon by just apprehending the associate store id to the end of your amazon product url. If you add your affiliate tag to the end of the product link, it is your affiliate link. Below images showing how to generate your amazon affiliate link for the first time.

You can link to any amazon product page by adding your affiliate store id at the end of the url. For eg: Amazon. com/gp/product/B000TTV2QS/?tag=YOURASSOCIATESTOREID-20

How to create an affiliate link within dashboard

How to create amazon affiliate links easily

Click Get link option after you search for your product.

Copy the amazon affiliate javascript code and paste it to your web page.

 Adding affiliate links to your website

Adding your amazon affiliate links to your wordpress website is very easy.  Here is a simple way mentioned in this video on how to add your affiliate link to your amazon which website.

Promoting your website

Now that you have successfully setup your website with the right domain, hosting, content, CMS and affiliate links, It is time for you to promote your niche website using SEO or paid traffic. Most website owners use SEO and rank the website and then generate passive income for a long period of time without spending any money on advertising. You can only see large corporations spend money on advertising today for making income from amazon affiliate websites. You can promote your website using seo, youtube and other social media platforms like twitter, pinterest and Facebook.SEO is a completely different and big topic, we will have an separate tutorial for seo. You can also use our seo services to rank your niche site

How do you make amazon affiliate commission

 Whenever a visitor visits your page with amazon affiliate links and click the link to visit amazon and then purchases your product from amazon within 24 hours of clicking the affiliate link, you are eligible to receive and affiliate commission.

  This elgible commission will be available in your dashboard approximately 24 hours after sale or as soon as the item is shipped to the customer.

How to make amazon affiliate commission using youtube

 This is an another section which a lot of people are interested in. A common question is  “are you allowed to promote your affiliate link in youtube?”  Yes you can promote your amazon associate link in youtube under your original content.  There are thousands of youtube amazon affiliate marketers who create their own videos and then promote the affiliate links in the youtube description. It is not a tedious process, you need to have a  popular youtube channel or video which is extremely popular for you to make any money from youtube using amazon affiliate program.

Adding your amazon affiliate links in facebook?

 Yes you are allowed to  promote your amazon affiliate links in facebook but you must disclose that you are using affiliate links under your post.You must mention that you may receive a commission when someone purchases using your link without any added cost to them. You can’t spam facebook with your affiliate links.

 Can you promote your affiliate links in pinterest?

Yes you can promote your amazon affiliate links in pinterest by sharing your post to Pinterest.

 Can you promote your amazon affiliate links in twitter?

Yes you can promote your amazon affiliate links in your own tweets but clearly mentioning that the post has affiliate links.

 Can you promote your amazon affiliate links in instagram?

 Yes you can promote  your amazon affiliate link in instagram by mentioning that you have used affiliate links.

 Can you promote your amazon affiliate links in websites like medium, linkedin, wix?

Yes you can promote your amazon associate link in web 2.0 websites as long as  those web 2.0 site is yours.There must be a footer disclaimer section.

 What are the payment methods offered by amazon associate program

 Amazon offers multiple payment options to its affiliates.  Bank transfer seems to be the most used and easy payment option for amazon associates around the world.  But in my home country india,  still amazon has not offered bank transfer. So I use payoneer for me to receive the payments directly to my bank account.  It was very difficult for me to use check option us it took over 30 days for me to receive the cheque and another 30 days for me to cash in the cheque.

What kind of income is possible with amazon affiliate program

 The income you can generate with amazon affiliate program is limitless. There are affiliates who make $10 per day from amazon and there are affiliates who make $10000 per day from amazon. It really depends on your dedication, budget and your luck. As of now,the highest income I have ever made per day using amazon affiliate program is  $600.  I know people who make five figures from amazon associate program per day.  So it is possible for you to make a full time income from amazon associate program.

Authority or Microniche website?

If it is your first amazon niche website, i don’t recommend you to build a website with hundreds of pages. First create a website with 5 to 10 pages with content length over 4000 words and then try to rank that particular page in google. Once you start getting commissions and you know the process very well, then start building authority websites but when choosing a domain for your first site, do not choose a exact match domain which is only fit for using with microniche websites.

 Notable rules of amazon associate program

  • You cannot use amazon affiliate links if the content on your website is copied from another source
  •  You cannot direct link the images present in amazon from your website
  •  You cannot mask the affiliate links provided by amazon
  •  You cannot trick your visitor to click your amazon affiliate link
  •  You cannot use any scripts to integrate your affiliate links or any softwares to illegally make your visiter click on your affiliate link
  • You have to clearly mention that your website is monetized with amazon in the footer of your website.

Amazon Influencer program VS Amazon Associate program

Amazon influencer is a program launched in 2017 which aims at affiliates having very popular social media profiles.

If you are extremely popular in Youtube Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, then Amazon will accept you as an influencer and help you create a special page on amazon.

This special page will have all the products which you recommend to your followers. Whenever one of your followers visit that special page and purchases any product, you are eligible for a commission.  It is said that there are some influencers make over $2000 per month using this amazon influencer program.

Amazon influencer program is a part of the amazon associate program and only people with strong social media following are eligible to enroll in this.

 Commission percentage of Amazon associate program

 Amazon offers 1% to 10% commission on most of its products. Below table shows the percentage of commerce commission that amazon provides.

Amazon Associate Program Commission StructureAdvantages of joining the amazon affiliate program

  •  You are eligible to receive a commission for whatever product a visitor purchases after clicking your amazon affiliate link for a period of 24 hours
  •  Amazon brand is very well known
  •  Conversion rate of amazon products is much higher than any other online marketplace
  •  There is no minimum traffic required for you to become a member of this affiliate program
  •  The reporting program which amazon offers is of great quality and trust-able
  •  Amazon offers direct deposit to most of the countries
  • Amazon offers 90 day cookie period if a visitor adds the product to their cart after clicking on your affiliate link

 Disadvantages of the amazon affiliate program

  • It has one of the lowest commission rate in the industry. Its commission ranges from 1% to 10% for most other items. It is very low when compared to other popular affiliate programs. The bounty rates are also less for its prime, audible and other programs.
  •  The cookie period for amazon associate program is only one day. After 24 hours even if the visitor makes the purchase, you are not eligible for commission.
  •  Amazon doesn’t redirect your visitor based on their country location. You are not eligible for commission on all the amazon marketplace purchases in different countries unless you individually sign up for all the market places and then change your affiliate link using the one link option available within amazon associate program .
  • Minimum payment amount is $100 which can be a bit higher if you are just starting with the affiliate program.
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