Below are the premade niche websites we have for sale now. If you don’t have your preferred niche among the ones below, go here to order a custom niche website. (We build sites for amazon, adsense & clickbank)

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If you have reached this page, then possibly you might have learned from someone making good money from niche websites. But maybe you may be unaware of the steps you have to follow to start your online affiliate income journey. There are countless ways to earn online. Being a member of a good affiliate program and promoting those products to your customers is one of the best way. You need not work all day to make money using niche sites. When you work smart by building the right niche site, you can make a lot of money without having to working 24/7 sitting before your computer.

Affiliate programs are programs in which you sign up as an agent of an E-Commerce website or service provider and promote their products to your visitors and earn an affiliate Commission. The most famous affiliate programs at present are the Amazon associate program , click bank, Commission Junction etc.


Why We Recommend Amazon Associate Niche Sites

The reason why we recommend Amazon affiliate program to our customer is because, Amazon is the largest Market place in the world and its conversion rate is the highest in the industry when compared to any other E-commerce website.  You only have to direct the website visitor using your affiliate link to Amazon and then Amazon will take care of the selling process. Usually customers tend to buy more than one products from Amazon. Even though you promote one product, in the end, the customer might end up purchasing 5 to 10 products in the same shopping session giving you commission for all the products.

If you sell a product worth $100 using your affiliate link,  you might get around $4 to $8 in Commission. If you make 10 such sales in a day,  you may easily earn an income more than what your 24/7 offline job might provide you in most of the countries in the world.

There are Amazon affiliate marketers making five figures commission in a day.  It is very easy for you to start with Amazon affiliate program when you have Upniche  by your side.


Why Upniche

Upniche is in  business since 2007 and we have built thousands of niche websites for our customers.  Throughout these years we have improved our service step by step to an extent that we have reached perfection now.  Most sites we build now succeed easily when proper SEO is done to them. Our service being targeted at beginner niche site customers Or the people just starting with affiliate programs,  we also offer them guidance to do the proper SEO to their website. We want to see all our niche site customer succeed and hence our support team and SEO guidance team is always available for you.

We have two options for anyone looking to use our niche site service.  One is our custom niche site creation service and the other is our premade niche site creation service.


Custom niche  site creation service

If you already have a niche  in mind and want to build a website in that particular niche,  then our custom niche site creation service will be of great used to you. In this method,  we research for low competitive keywords in your niche and recommend them to you. once you approve the keywords,  we will recommend a domain to be registered. You can then give us your hosting details where we will set up your niche website.  This is ideal for experienced affiliate marketers who have their own keyword or already own a domain where you need to setup your website.


Premade Niche  Site Creation Service

Upniche Occasionally builds  readymade niche websites and sells them to customers.  Most of these websites are allowed to rest for at least 6 months to 2 years.  This means the website is already aged and overcome all the Google restrictions for newly made niche websites.

If you want to  start your first affiliate journey today, then this is the way you need to choose. You have everything setup and a website which is already indexed in Google waiting for you to start Seo.

Advantages of Premade Niche Site

  • No need to wait for 6 months to see results.
  • Some of these siTes are already earning commissions.
  • Your  SEO efforts will show results from day 1.
  • You don’t have to worry about Google penalty for abnormal linking.
  • You can add new fresh content and there are chances that you will instantly rank without links.
  • You can start within 24 hours.
  • Free setup on your hosting.
  • Continuous email support until you make your first sale.
  • Lifelong Tech Support.
  • Free affiliate link setup to your website
  • Additional content ideas after purchase.

Features of Our Sites

  • Domain Already registered.
  • Website already setup & live
  • Built on low competition keywords.
  • Premium Theme on all sites.
  • All Essential Plugins added & configured.
  • Yoast SEO configured to all posts.
  • Unique content that passes copyscape 100%.
  • Attractive design that gives a brand look to your website.
  • About us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Resources pages added.
  • Interlinking done in articles.
  • About Us page configured with imaginary persona.
  • Images added within articles.
  • One Long 3000 word main article
  • Facebook Page ownership.
  • Lifelong support for site.
  • Indexed in google & some even getting some traffic.
  • Affiliate links will be replaced to yours.

Below are the websites we have for sale as of now.