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Save Over 500 Hours Of Hard Work By Hiring The Best Amazon Niche Site Builder. Begin Your Passive Income Journey Today.!

  • Building An Amazon Affiliate Site Is Not Easy. It Requires A Lot Of Hard Work.
  • Upniche Can Build You a Custom Amazon Associates Website In Record Time
  • Our Sites Are Different And Can Withstand The Test Of Time.

Features We Done For You

Niche sites help to gain popularity, we have been creating websites for the past 5-years. Our experts make the best customize niche websites for you. We have 5-years of experience in this field. We plan and perform to make the perfect niche sites.

Throughout the website, it’s images and content, we will add features so that your website looks brandable and stands out from other websites in the same niche.

Site will have the perfect setup, silo structure. Our Biggest packages even come with Pillar pages. All the features need to rank in google will be present in your website.

We install all the necessary plugins required for your site. Your site also comes with Elementor pro included free of cost with the site.

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Feedback From Our Other Clients​

Get a head start your business needs with a custom done-for-you affiliate website now.

If you have any problem, we will solve it. We concentrate on only our customer’s satisfaction. We are here for our customer happiness. 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed.

Happy customers become loyal customers. So we take care of you. If you are not satisfied with our service, we ready to refund you. (For the valid reason)

Whatever question you may ask us, we are ready to clarify your all doubts. Because our customers deserve the best customer service. So don’t hesitate to ask us.


How Can We Help You?

There are some important strategies to follow to make a perfect niche site. Our team experts know about it and create it profitably.

Profitable Niche Selection

We suggest you a profitable niche which has the potential to earn 4-6 figures. We will also give you a guide with detailed niche research and the possibilities in the niche.

Keyword Research

We will find KGR or Medium competitive keywords based on your requirement. We will also give you keywords to write content to improve your site in the future.

Content Strategy

Upniche provides the best content service. We have the experienced US writers who create only the high quality contents.

Complete OnPage SEO

This is one area where we concentrate a lot more than others. A better optimized page ranks with very less backlinks. And we deliver exactly that.

Authority Look UX/UI

Without UX/UI the site can’t make money, but don’t worry for that, Upniche helps to create the service and increase your earnings.

Response-driven web design

Our designs look premium & brandable. We use Astra, Elementor and other premium themes to setup your website. We can also match the design of the sample sites you give.

Complete Hosting & Setup

We give you a free SSL certificate, plug-ins – all free and hosting for a year. We also offer a.com domain, and premium theme.


Project Manager

We have the project manager, who ensures everything, and coordinates all the works to produce professional quality.

Our Sites are SEO Optimized


We take care of each seo aspect when building your website. We don’t leave anything for you to do after purchasing our website. We make sure your site loads faster, content is readable, images have the right optimization etc when setting up your niche website.

We are in touch with industry experts & we ourselves test various seo techniques in our niche websites and continuously improve the SEO setup of your service.

This way, we make sure our sites stand ahead of our competitors in terms of seo rankings & revenue.


To stay in the business for long term, you have to build a brand around your niche site. For this reason, upniche carefully chooses your domain name & makes sure every aspect of your amazon niche site has branding in it.

Content Written for Human

With the recent Google Rankbrain & Bert update, we decided to focus on customer/visitor first in our niche website. We don’t over optimize the content for search engines, instead we optimize the content for humans to reduce your bounce rate.

Loads Perfect on All Devices

Our web design team builds your niche website in the best possible pay. It attracts visitors and loads perfect on all devices. This way you don’t have to lose any visitor due to bad design.

In Content Creatives

We add a number of in-content images & sections to lower the bounce rate of your website. We design custom images to add within buying guides. This has been proven to reduce bounce rate & improve seo rankings.

Social Media Setup

We create fb, twitter & pinterest pages for your website. We add the first post on all the social media profiles for you free of cost.

Ready For Promotion

We deliver the site in a way that you can start building backlinks or drive ad traffic to your website to generate income.


All the Above Features + We Offer Unlimited Revisions/Changes Until You're Satisfied

  • We want to retain you as a lifelong customer. And we know to retain you as a customer, we have to satisfy you & be profitable to you at the same time.
  • You are the most important part of our business and so we’ll do whatever it takes to deliver a amazon niche site that satisfies you and is profitable at the same time.
  • Each page which we create in your website has a lot of features and hours of work into it. Our sites are different and are able to withstand the test of time. 

See the Plans and Pricing


Get your niche site journey started
$ 499 Monthly
  • 3x4000 Word Massive Buying Guide
  • 3x500 Word Informational Articles
  • Professional logo design
  • No Top 10 Videos
  • 10 product reviews


Starts with more contents
$ 999 Monthly
  • 5x4000 Word Massive Buying Guide
  • 5x500 Word Informational Articles
  • Professional logo design
  • 1x Top 10 Video
  • 1 x Infographics


Perfect package to succeed
$ 2799 Monthly
  • 15x4000 Word Massive Buying Guide
  • 15x500 Word Informational Articles
  • Professional logo design
  • 1x Top 10 Video
  • 2 x Infographics


Have the budget & want a premium site
$ 9999 Monthly
  • 5x 10,000 word Pillar Page, 30x4000 word buying guide
  • 15x1000 word Informational Articles
  • Professional logo design
  • 3x Top 10 Video
  • 5x Infographics
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, We Build Sites For Other Affiliate Programs. You Can Use The Same Page To Order Sites Moneitized By Other Affiliate Programs. Usually Our Sites Are Monetized By Amazon Associates & Google Adsense. You Can Let Us Know If You Want Us To Use Commission Junction, Clickbank, Or Other Programs.

We Build Sites Monetized By Any Affiliate Program, Display Ads, Ecommerce And For Digital Products Too.

If You Don’t Have A Niche, We’ll Suggest You A Niche. We Will Send You Few Suggestions. Once You Decide A Niche, We’ll Research For Keywords In That Niche.

Yes, We Offer Hosting For A Year If You Don’t Have Hosting. If You Want To Setup The Site In Your Hosting, We Can Do That As Well.

Yes, We Will Offer You A Step By Step Guide To Succeed With This Site.

Yes, Get In Touch With Your Custom Requirements.

Yes, You Definitely Can Succeed. We Do The Niche Research, Site Setup And Every Other Thing Associated With Setting Up A Successful Site. If You Have Patience And Have The Ability To Follow Instructions, You Can Succeed.

There Are So Many People Started To Create Niche Websites For The Lowest Price. But They Will Take A Long Time To Research Keywords, And Take Time To Boost The Rank Of A SAite.

No. A New Site Doesn’t Make Any Money. It Will Take Time For The Site To Settle In Google Search And Rank For It’s Keywords. Usually Sites Start To Earn 3-4 Months After Setup. Setting Up Your Site On An Aged, Expired Or Auction Domain Can Speed Up The Process.

No, Once A Keyword Is Used By Us For You, We’ll Never Use It For Another Site Or Customer.

No Hidden Costs From Our End. But You May Need To Add New Articles From Time To Time And Build Backlinks To Your Site.

It Is Not Included In The Package. You Have To Order Our SEO Services For The Same.

3 Weeks Or Less For The Lite Package, 7 Weeks Or Less For The Elite Package. 10 Weeks Or Less For The Mega Package.

No One Can Guarantee You A Fixed Income. Income Depends On Your Niche, Keywords, Content, Competition, Time You Spend On Your Site And A Lot More Factors. But From Our Experience, We Have Seen Sites Make $500-$1000/Month With 5-10 Months When A Seo Schedule Is Followed. We Have Seen Sites Make $500-$1000 Per Day Too, But That’s Depending On The Extra Content You Add And The Links You Build.

Though We Don’t Share Customer Sites As Sample, We Have Site Setup To Show You As Sample. This Site Is Built Only For Sample Purposes And Will Show You All The Features Which We Offer In Our Niche Website. The  Tables, Content & Images May Vary In The Actual Websites. This Sample Doesn’t Have An Infographics & Video. Send An Email To Contact@Upniche.Com Requesting A Sample And We Will Send It To You. If You Want To View It Instantly, You Can Do So Buy Paying $1. This Is To Prevent Lurkers From Viewing Our Samples.

We Have An Experienced US Writers Team. They Research Well About The Topic And Write The Relevant Contents. So You Don’t Have To Worry About The Content Quality.

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