Below are the list of all premade adsense, amazon & clickbank affiliate websites we have for sale which can generate a smart & passive income for a long period of time. Browse through all the listings and contact us if you need additional details regarding any site. We have priced these niche websites cheap based on the keyword competition, content on the site, income potential and other features available on the website.


Note: All these websites are unique content websites. Each website will be sold only once. We will never recreate a niche site in the same niche & we’ll never compete with our customer niche sites. 

There are others selling Failed niche sites as Aged sites (Actually they try to rank & fail and then sell it to you saying it as aged site). But all the sites listed here are “Fresh New” which means ZERO back-linking has been done to it. You have to unleash the potential income of these websites by building backlinks to it.

Another set back of those so called “premade niche site” sellers is that they start creating the website only after you order. But here at Upniche, the website is already setup, indexed in google and is available for sale. Go here to order premade amazon affiliate sites , readymade adsense niche sites, clickbank affiliate sites. If the niche which you have in mind is not available, you can order a custom amazon, adsense or clickbank niche site here.

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