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Welcome to We started selling microniche & authority niche website service in 2014 and we have helped over 3000 customers around the world to save time and build quality adsense, amazon & clickbank niche websites that actually make money.

With Time, we also added pre-made amazon & adsense niche websites for sale and also launched our PBN setup service for our customers.


authoritynichesitesI have seen a lot of sellers come and go offering niche site services. They come into this business just for a living when they actually may not have made a single penny trying to build niche sites for themselves. I have also seen some of my customers trying those self proclaimed gurus offering the same service at 10x the price and coming back to me saying that Niche Site Guru’s website was not worth the money they paid.

Earning with niche sites are not the same like they were in 2007 (when I started ), Google has released countless algorithm changes since then and It requires a bit of smartness now in 2016 to make any money from Google Adsense, Amazon or Clickbank using Niche sites.

Below are few images showing how people are getting results using our niche sites. Ofcourse, they put in a lot of efforts from their part and their powerful linkbuilding tactics gave them these results, But still the foundation was made by us, the keyword & the website setup was performed by us without which all the link-building efforts will go in vain.

Analytics #1 Great Increase In Traffic Within 3 Months of Setup

A website delivered by us on February overcoming the google new site sandbox within 3 Months and generating massive revenue.

Analytics 2# : 27000 Visitors To The Amazon Affiliate Site We Setup

Here is the analytics data of another Amazon affiliate niche site which generated more than 27000 Visitors in May-July making $$$$ for the customer.
Here is the analytics data of another Amazon affiliate niche site which generated more than 27000 Visitors in May-July making $$$$ for the customer.

What Makes Special?

I know you could find so many places where you can buy micro niche sites & authority niche site services. We differ from all of them providing the best services which you can rely on.

  • We have constantly updated our service as the search engines change their algorithm and adapt to the new ranking criteria.
  • We do the best keyword research possible. We have had countless customers who got their site ranked in Page #1 without any efforts from their end.
  • We offer lifelong support to all customers. We will fix whatever problems that occur in your website.
  • We don’t offer non-realistic guarantees.

What’s Required in 2016 for Making Money using Niche Websites?

Back in 2007 (When I started working Online ), It was very easy to create a single page micro niche website and rank them in google within a week. But things are not the same today, Search engines like Google & Bing control the life and income of a niche site. You cannot succeed with spam sites or auto-blog’s like before. You need a quality website to make money.

Your Website Must have User Engaging Content

Even if your website has 1000 articles which are poorly written, you won’t make a cent in the present scenario. You must have content that the visitor will love to read and share. Now it is not the number of articles that will make you money, it is the quality of the articles.

Your Website Must be Mobile Responsive

Your website must look good in all devices. It must be mobile responsive and resize itself as per the browser it is viewed.

Your Site Must Be User Friendly

Your visitor must enjoy visiting your site. It must have a clear navigational silo structure so that it is easy for the visitor to browse through your site. Too many ads can hinder use experience and your rankings too.

Your Site Must Be SEO Optimized

Your must optimize your website for SEO. There is only a slight difference between optimization and over optimization. Over optimized sites will get penalized by search engines while under optimized site won’t get the ranking it deserves. If you stuff your content with 10x your keyword and optimize it with so many underlines, bolds, italics you will lose your rankings. Your optimization must appear natural to your reader and must contain long tail keywords.

We make sure all our websites fulfill all the above requirements. You will only need to build quality links to the websites and rank the keywords. (We have a free guide to help you do that)

We offer both premade & custom niche website creation services. Below are the links using which you can find the right offer suitable for you.

Readymade Niche Sites:

Readymade niche sites are already completed sites. They will be transferred to your server as soon as you make the payment. We offer unlimited revisions for one full month so that you can get any changes done once you have the site in your server.

Order a Custom Authority Or Microniche Site

30 Day Revision Guarantee

Unlimited-Revisions-guaranteeAll the premade microniche & authority website packages comes along with a 30 day unlimited revision guarantee. It means you can get any changes or errors fixed in the website free of cost for up to 30 days. We will work with you until you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

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