7 Best WordPress Hosting in 2020 {Guide & Comparison}

The Internet Plays the biggest role in our daily life; in this case, websites and blogs are growing widely. Choosing the best WordPress hosting is an important feature for building a website.

Maintaining a full-featured blog is the biggest challenging task, especially for beginners; the CMS platform, like WordPress, helps to manage the site. It gives us a free way to maintain the blog and day by day activities.

There are a lot of companies providing WordPress hosting; choosing a suitable hosting company for your site is an important one. Looking for the speed, uptime, storage, and bandwidth of the host helps the user to choose the deserved WordPress hosting for your site.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system that makes it easy to edit, manage, and publish content on the web. By using WordPress, you can make your site SEO friendly, and also it helps you to rank your site on the first page of Google because WordPress provides many SEO plugins for the better performance of the website. WordPress is a flexible application, so it will help with different programming languages.

Basically, WordPress is written in PHP programming language, and some other WordPress contributors are written in HTML, CSS, and javascript.

There are a lot of Hosting servers that are provided for WordPress to host the Website like Shared WordPress Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server Hosting. Whether you are a first-time user or a business owner, we will help you to choose the suitable hosting for your site.

How to Get WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosts the most popular content management system; more than 32 percent of worldwide web pages are powered by using this WordPress hosting. The success of this hosting is understandable; it is very easy to use, and also it improves their themes and plugins library, which helps to improve your site performance in many ways.

Millions of websites are designed in this WordPress from the personal pages to big brand online destinations, like The New Yorker and Bloomberg. If you want to build a website in an easy way, WordPress is the best choice for you; you don’t need to code for this.

Most web hosting companies provide some specific WordPress hosting services, such as managed and optimized environments.

These two types are specially designed for WordPress. The CMS is already installed in each service, so the user doesn’t need to download and set up the WordPress installation as you did in the traditional web hosting environment.

When it comes to WordPress.org, the CMS is performed like the basic foundation for your website, not for WordPress.com. The latter CMS is common between the website builders.

WordPress.com is the best solution for the turkey niche sites, where the server is a more flexible approach. The website features, like page caching, automatic data backups, and automatic CMS updates, are based on the web host.

You have to be very careful before choosing the hosting for your website because some hosting companies provide a short list of plugins that may duplicate features that are already built in the managed or optimized setup or negatively affect the website’s performance.

1. Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the most trustable brands in the hosting field, and also it is officially recommended by the WordPress organization. Bluehost is frequently known for its budget plans, and also it owns 2,000,000 domains. It provides 24/7 customer support, and they are always ready to solve your problems. This is one of the cheapest WordPress hostings; the basic plan of Bluehost has included 50GB website space, Free SSL, and Free domain for one year. The Bluehost service set up is specially optimized for WordPress with PHP-FPM and NGINX configurations. Blue Spark is a free service provided to all the new Bluehost users, which helps the newcomers to learn everything about WordPress related.


  • Speed: 406ms
  • Uptime: 99.99%
  • Support: Live Chat, Phone
  • Site Transfer: Not Free
  • Pricing: Starting at $2.75/mo

The Bluehost provides Unlimited bandwidth and storage, so the user can activate the site without any traffic problem. The Hosting plans in the Bluehost are Shared, VPS, Cloud, and dedicated servers. The user can choose the domain server based on their requirements.

Uptime is the most important aspect of a web host. The user have to check it before they choose. At that point, Bluehost is the best based on the uptime; it easily exceeds the benchmark and keeps your site live for 99.99% in the past 16-months.

After the Uptime, the page loading time is important to consider; in that case, this is the 4th fastest loading hosting server. When we consider the hosting price based on Uptime and speed, it is a pretty good value for the website designer.

When the user is looking for the security feature, it has a free SSL certificate to protect your site, and also it has a SiteLock feature to protect your domain. The “postini” is a tool from Google that helps the user to protect the email from spam.

This Hosting service provides a high renewal rate for the users; this renewal bill is charged after three years of usage of the site.

2. HostGator

HostGator is one of the oldest, biggest hosting companies in the field. It has over 10 million domains around the world. There are a lot of Hosting plans provided by this company like WordPress, Shared, VPS, Cloud, and Dedicated servers. But this company really stands out for their Shared plans; it’s really perfect for the shared sites. This is the best solid and reliable web hosting service for many years. When it comes to speed, the HostGator Cloud gets the top place of the list; this is the fastest hosting from all the hosting services. The technical team always supports you to improve your site.


  • Speed: 1007ms
  • Uptime: 99.98%
  • Support:  Live Chat, Phone, email
  • Site Transfer: Free for single-site transfer
  • Pricing: Starting at $2.75/mo

The HostGator provides a free domain for the first year, so it helps the beginners to start their site easily. The site’s loading time using the HostGator hosting is 2.5 times faster than the other hosting company. In all their plans, they provide free SSL certification; by this, the user can secure their site with the security tool provided in this host. 

Also, they provide 1GB web space; by this, the user can handle more than 100k visits per month without any traffic problem.

The Hostgator offers some more security features like SiteLock it helps you to monitor your site and protect your domain name also. They also offer Spam Assassin; from this, it helps the user to avoid the spam hitting your inbox in the first place and protect your email from the spam.

Some Hosting companies are charged for the site’s migration, but HostGator provides the free site and cPanel migration; they will help the user to move the complete site file, Database, Scripts, and domain name also.

The HostGator’s cheapest hosting plan provides a free domain, but the user has to pay for all the extra stuff like Gmail, backups, SEP tools, and SiteLock, so they have to pay for their extra features. Moreover, the Hosting pricing is a bit tricky, so the user may look careful to choose the billing cycle.

3. SiteGround

The SiteGround also one of the best WordPress hosting providers, and also it is officially recommended for WordPress. It has more than 800,000 domain names worldwide. It provides huge support for your site. SiteGround comes on the top list in the shared hosting category; it helps you to manage your site very quickly. If you need any help, SiteGround support will help you to set your site up. This hosting company provides a good speed and security system to make your site fast and secure; from this, it is widely popular among its users. Customer support is always fast, knowledgeable, and friendly so that beginners can easily startup with this hosting.


  • Speed: 713ms
  • Uptime: 99.99%
  • Support:  Live Chat, Phone
  • Site Transfer: Not Free
  • Pricing: Starting at $3.95/mo

The Bandwidth of this SiteGround Hosting is unlimited, so the site’s performance based on this hosting is always fast and reliable.  This is the best Hosting for the starter; because the page doesn’t load within 3 seconds is the main reason most people leave from the site.

 To solve this issue, the user needs the fastest host for maintaining a CDN; for this, you have SiteGround Hosting in the first of your options list.

There are a lot of hosting plans provided by the SiteGround, such as shared, Reseller, WordPress, Enterprise, Cloud, and Dedicated servers, so the user can choose their Hosting plan based on their site requirement.

The SiteGround provides a free SSL certification for all their hosting plans; it helps to secure their site and ensures their page will rank well in the search engine result, but most of the hosting companies are charged for this. Also, the SiteGround provides a free daily backup; it helps to reduce the data loss; there are many tools available for this backup work.

In this SiteGround Hosting charge some bill for their site set up and also they don’t provide any free domain, but some hosting companies provide a free domain for their users.

4.A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the low-cost High powered hosting services; it has an SSD server in which the pages can load 20 times faster than the non-SSD server. According to the speed test, A2 Hosting proves it is a faster shared WordPress Hosting service as well as it is highly optimized for WordPress because of it’s SSD storage. The customer support of this host is efficient, and the hosting plan of A2 is always developer-friendly. When it’s come to the refund policy, it is liberal to the customer. A2 Hosting has always helped the user to secure their site.


  • Speed: 336ms
  • Uptime: 99.92%
  • Support: Live Chat, Phone, Tickets
  • Site Transfer: Free for single site
  • Pricing: Starting at $3.92/mo

The A2 Hosting provides an Unlimited Bandwidth to the website owner; from this, the site can perform easily without any traffic. The Free SSL helps the user to secure their site from hackers. It has a 336ms speed; this is one of the fast shared Hosting providers with which the user can fastly download compared to other hosting providers.

The A2 Hosting provides “HackScan” to protect your site from hackers; it’s monitoring your site 24/7and also helps to scan the other attacks day-in, day-out. By this, the data centers are also scannable, so it gets the backup to handle sudden and unexpected problems.

The A2 Hosting works smoothly with all the major Content Management Systems. There is no need for any help from the developers to install WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, Joomla, and Drupal sites.

If you are a webmaster or agency who is looking for a host for dozens of sites under one hosting service, A2 Hosting is a choice for you with the developer-friendly tool.

The Uptime of this host has slid down in the past few months, whatever it would not affect the host’s speed. When we look for the hosting price as a yearly package, it’s pretty good like other hosting services, but when the time is expired, it takes an automatic renewable scheme at the regular price.

5. iPage Host

The iPage hosts more than a million websites across two data centers; it offers WordPress Hosting. The iPage has the two WordPress plans; both plans provide a 1-year free domain name. It provides some additional features like Sitelock and automatic malware removal. This WordPress plan comes with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and a free SSL Certificate. The iPage is also providing Shared Hosting. This is one of the inexpensive Hosting, so it is good for beginners, and it also provides an enhanced security option.

The iPage core is solid so that it can run everything briefly, and you will get a free email address; each email account represents your domain including email forwarding, spam filters, autoresponders, virus checking, and POP3/IMAP accounts so the user can set everything with the outlook.


  • Speed: 787ms
  • Uptime: 99.97%
  • Support: Live chat, phone
  • Site Transfer: Not Free
  • Pricing: Starting at $1.99/mo

The iPage comes with six pages and hundreds of templates; if you are looking for a host with easy-to-use and drag-and-drop features, the iPage host is suitable for you. The ipage contains a lot of content management systems and blogging systems like WordPress, Drupal, b2evolution, Joomla, pixelpost Zenphoto, plus Gbook, etc.

The iPage also has a full-fledged e-commerce store. This iPage hosting includes first-time webmasters, Agora cart, Open cart, Zen cart, OS commerce, Tomato Cart, PrestaShop; it helps you with PayPal integration to accept online money.

The ipage will provide a refund policy for 30-days, and also it has friendly customer support. They offer tutorials to quickly fix the issue; otherwise, you can use phone or chat support.

There are many additional services included in this hosting service, but they charge some additional fees for that. The iPage doesn’t provide any free migration; they charge some fee for the migration.

When we look at an overall view, this Hosting service is good for the small site; if your site started big, you have to look for other hosting services.

6. InMotion Hosting

The Inmotion is one of the largest fast-growing independent web hosting companies since 2001. It has a great product with strong customer service. InMotion is one of the WordPress hosts in the US and it has more than 300,000 domain names.

If you are a WordPress user, then the InMotion is a perfect host for you; it has many reasons for making it fit in WordPress. Each Host plan comes with free SSL, CDN 200 WordPress themes, and unlimited email accounts. But there are a limited number of sites the user can have disk space and bandwidth.


  • Speed: 881ms
  • Uptime: 99.95%
  • Support: Live chat, Skype, Phone
  • Site Transfer: Free
  • Pricing: $7.26/mo

InMotion Hosting has positioned themselves as one of the largest and stable hosting companies which is not owned by endurance international. The InMotion has two data centers; by this, the user can choose the data center location by themselves.

The SSD drive is used for storage so that your website’s performance is faster than the old drive. Most of the website host has not to offer SSD storage, but the InMotion is provided.

Other companies charge for SSL, but the InMotion provides the Free SSL certification for your site; it is required to create an e-commerce site, and it’s included in all InMotion Hosting plans. As well as the InMotion provides free data backup for the site.  

The InMotion WordPress Hosting comes with Sucuri Plugin; it’s regularly scanned and secures the site; by this, it has an additional remote backup, anti-spam, and anti-virus protection.

But there are some drawbacks in this hosting service; if the user is required for the low advertised price, they have to sign up for 24 months. It makes some delay for the verification process; there is no account access instantly after the signup; it makes some delay for the access. The free backup only stores the last 4 months of the site; if you need something more, the user have to pay $49 fee.

7. Dream Host

DreamHost is one of the oldest hosting services to provide hosts more than 1.5 million sites. It provides hosting for Web designers, bloggers, web developers, online businesses, and e-commerce. The DreamHost is an affordable and reliable web hosting service.

DreamHost’s shared hosting plan comes with some popular apps like WordPress; it has the own site builder options. This plan has unlimited disk space and bandwidth so the user can maintain the large data-based site. But the VPS servers and email in the DreamHost is not coming under this unlimited policy; there is some limitation for the emails, and also MySQL database has stayed under some limited GB size.


  • Speed: 719ms
  • UpTime: 99.96%
  • Support: Ticket &  Callback
  • Site Transfer: Not Free
  • Pricing: $2.59/month

It provides a free domain for the 1st year, so it will help the user to easily find out the performance of the site as well as it will provide the hosting service for different apps like WordPress, Bloggers, Shopify, Drupal, Wix, etc.

 It has a shared, VPS, cloud, Dedicated services hosting plans based on user preference. The DreamHost’s performance is excellent across the boards because of its reliable uptime to fast loading times.

The ‘high efficiency’ cooling and processors are included in the data centers and also have the state-level ‘clean wind’ programs to the renewable resource.

When we compare to the other hosting services, most of them will give 30 days for the refund period, and a few hosts like WebHostingBuzz will provide 45 days, but Dreamhost’s will give a guarantee for 97 days, which means they offer a complete 3 months as a money-back period. 

When it’s come to the live chat, there is some limited support provided by this host, so you have to set some preset answers for customer support. The Dreamhost doesn’t provide cPanel access to the customers, the bloggers or inexperienced site owners will not care about this, but the persons who used it for their business will consider this as a drawback.

The DreamHost doesn’t offer any free migration; they will charge $99 to move each site, and the multisite WordPress can not be moved.

Types of Hosting Services

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is one of the types of hosting services, which is the single physical server hosts for multiple sites. Most of the website builders prefer the resources of this single server at a low cost. By using the shared server, the provider can hosts hundreds of users.

Every user can use the features in the shared hosting platforms like monthly traffic, FTP accounts, database, email accounts, disk space, and some other add-ons that are provided by the hosting company. Shared hosting offers the most affordable way to get an online site.

This shared hosting type is suitable for blogs and small websites, which doesn’t need high bandwidth and advanced configuration. The shared hosting is not ideal for the site, which has a high volume and high traffic. But the shared hosting is easy to set up.

Most of the shared hosting providers are offering a c-panel to manage the website. It helps the user to simplify the administrative tasks of the website. In shared hosting, the user can add a lot of websites in the user directory. 

VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is one of the popular hosting services which is highly chosen for the website. This VPS Hosting has the virtualization technology to provide dedicated resources on the server with multiple users.

This VPS Hosting is stable and secured one than the shared hosting. This hosting service is cheaper than the other renting service, and also it is a smaller-scale hosting service.

Usually, VPS Hosting is preferred for the website owners who have medium traffic, which is exceeding the limitation of the shared hosting plan. The VPS mostly offers more than one plan. Most importantly, VPS Hosting owns some private space on the server for the website.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Hosting is one of the options in Internet hosting; in this hosting, the physical server is allocated for the single business customer. In this hosting, the customer can get complete control of their server so that they can easily control it based on their requirements, such as security and performance. 

This hosting service simply provides the bandwidth, physical server with excellent technical support. Using this hosting service, the server configuration of the business can easily be changed. The user can easily adjust the resources and add new software based on their requirement. 

Managed WordPress Hosting

The manager WordPress Hosting service is a specific WordPress Hosting. Due to this hosting service’s numerous convenient features, the WordPress Website owner can easily secure, manage, and speed up their site.

This managed WordPress hosting is not like the other hosting providers; it will take responsibility for the site performance. This hosting service is always with the owner to manage the account of the site. 

Cloud Hosting

The cloud hosting service is an accessible resource for both application and website designing. It is not like the traditional hosting service; solutions are not established on a single server. Anyhow, the networks of the connected physical and virtual cloud server hosting ensure the scalability and flexibility of the website and application.

The hardware failure does not cause any downtime to the site because the application and site are hosted on the network server.

When choosing cloud hosting, the client should consider the provider offers network and system, physical and operational, and application and data security options. Some cloud hosting companies provide tools, and some companies provide specialist services to manage the cloud hosting environment. 

Colocated Hosting

The colocation hosting service is similar to the dedicated hosting service with one exceptional list. In the dedicated hosting service, the customer leases the server and the infrastructure that require to house and maintain a website. But in the colocation hosting service, the customer owns their own hardware and software.

This hosting service is more useful than renting the server space in the data center; it offers a lot of benefits to improve the server cooling system, internet bandwidth, reliable power, and climate control. Due to its security purpose, most of the companies are employing colocated hosting.

At the same time, most of the colocated hosting users are moved to cloud technology because of the endless resource, easy use, and competitive price. When it comes to data privacy, many companies require this colocated hosting service because of its secure data center. 

Self Service Hosting

If you are administering your own server at home, your personal data and services on the third parties are defined as Self Hosting Service. You can easily self-host your blog. Self-hosting is implying the own server.

A computer is defined as a server that is accessible on the 24/7 network, and usually, it does not have any keyboard and screen.  When it comes to self-hosting, there is contrary to popular belief; a server does not require a large and extra power machine.

Nowadays, a $30 ARM board is more than enough for the self-hosting. Self-hosting does not make your Internet more secure, and also it does not provide anonymity by itself. The control of the server and data is autonomous, which means it is their responsibility. 

Things to consider for your hosting company


This is the most important thing to consider in hosting. Google is also considering the loading speed of the page; the loading speed is also included in the ranking factor; if the page will not load in 3 seconds, it is a drawback of the website, so the website hosting speed is important to consider.


When you want to buy WordPress hosting, you have to make sure of your budget. The hosting price is different based on the feature; if you have to spend some extra dollars, make sure the feature of the hosting is worth your money.


Security is the first priority in the online world, so your hosting provider must provide protection to your site; by this, you can avoid data theft and malware.

Extra Feature

Choosing the right host is important for your website and also looking for additional services and features. Most of the web site hosters provide a lot of additional tools and services for improving your website with the website hosting.

Customer Support

Customer support is essential for any hosting provider. If your site has any problems, your host should be willing to help you to solve that problem.


These are the best WordPress hosting providers in the field. If you are planning to build a website or blog on WordPress, it is not necessary to have WordPress Hosting. But using the hosting servers, you will get the platform to optimize to run WordPress. By this, you can get better performance for your site.

In our list, we choose Bluehost as the best choice for the user because of its Uptime and speed. This hosting provider gives the best customer support also. When we come to apps apart from WordPress, this hosting provider also provides Joomla, Drupal, and some other website builders also. By all these features we choose it is the best hosting provider for the beginners and also there are some more options to your preference. You can choose anyone from this as your choice.

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