Complete Manual Citation Audit Service $7

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Complete Manual Citation Audit Service $7

4.75 (247 Reviews)
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Citation Audit or clean up service helps local business websites that has problems with their citations.

UpNiche provides solutions for inaccurate citation issues and helps you to identify what you need to perform to increase your rankings.

We check whether the NAP’s of your business is congruent throughout the web and update you with a complete report.

We separate the wrong citations of your business that create a negative impact in your Google listing.


Complete Manual Citation Audit Service $7

4.9 (247 Reviews)
Price: $49.00 $7.00
  • Manual Data check
  • NAP Variations based search
  • Automatic software check
  • Check all wrong citations
  • check all right citations
  • Deep check for inaccurate citations. (Not just the first 50 sites.)

Citations have so much power in ranking your local business. These listings with your business name, address and (NAP) contact number plays a major role in your local business rankings in google. If all your citations are right, it will greatly boost your business. But if most of them are wrong, search engines can be confused and rank you below other businesses.

Citation Audit Service @ $7

From our experience with local seo, businesses that rank at the top have 100% of all their citations accurate. They don’t have any wrong citations with wrong name, wrong address or phone numbers.

If your citations have inaccurate data like out of date contact numbers or old business address, you will experience a serious problem. Your citations with different data will compete with each other and you’ll lose a lot of business.

So find out if your citations are accurate and have same data in all of them using our citation audit service and then clean up all the wrong citations using our citation cleanup service.

Upniche Vs the Rest

  1. Manual Data check
  2. NAP Variations based search
  3. Automatic software check
  4. Check all wrong citations
  5. Check all right citations
  6. Deep check for inaccurate citations. (Not only the first 50 sites.)


How we perform citation Audit

Step 1: Manually search all name, address and phone number variations.
Step 2: Use software to search all NAP variations.
Step 3: Manually group all the correct citations and show you the right list.
Step 4: Manually group all the wrong citations.
Step 5: Use the data from wrong citations and perform deep search to find out other wrong citations in sites which are not so popular. This way you get every wrong citation list, not just the top 50.
Step 6: Find out if the data aggregator service which you used is the cause for wrong citations being spread around the web.
Step 7: Send you a detailed report showing the right,wrong citations. You will then know what to concentrate on to improve your local rankings. You can cleanup your citations or hire a citation building service based on the findings in your citation audit service.