WordPress Malware Removal Service- Recover Hacked Website


Malware/ Virus Removal

Backdoor Lock

Hardening the security.

6-48 hours Fix based on order volume.



Is your website hacked or is it sending spam emails without your knowledge? Millions of hackers around the world try repeatedly to hack wordpress websites. Though there are several ways you can use to secure your wordpress website, not everyone is aware of it or has implemented it on their website.

If your website is hacked and you want it to fix it as quick as possible, look no further than upniche.

We can help you clean your affected wordpress installation.

Usually we deliver the cleaned site within 24 hours. But the best part is, we not only clean, we also make sure you are not hacked again. If the same website is hacked again (which won’t happen), we will clean it for you free of cost.


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