Are you looking to make some extra money through affiliate marketing? One way to get started quickly is by purchasing a premade affiliate niche website.

Done For You Niche Websites (DFY Niche sites) is an option for both newbies and experienced niche site owners as it offers a way to scale for people having multiple projects running and at the same time it helps newbies to learn how to build niche sites.

Premade niche websites are available for adsense, amazon associates and other display or affiliate networks like shareasale.

There are so many websites who sell ready niche websites but sadly not all of them are up to the expectations of the buyer.

50% of all the buyers who purchase premade affiliate sites fail. And in that 50%, half of the time it is the buyer who is the reason for the failure.

So When Buying an readymade niche site, as a buyer you have a lot of points to check before making the purchase.

And as a genuine seller, the niche website builder must make sure he properly creates the website so that it turns profitable as early as possible.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what premade affiliate niche websites are and why they might be a good option for you.

What is a readymade niche site?

A premade or readymade niche site is a website where a niche website builder completes all the initial setup including niche research, keyword research, website design, hosting setup, content writing and basic seo.

The customer who buys the website just needs to grow the website from that level by adding more content and doing seo.

Having a professional team to complete all the initial setup for a niche site is the best thing a newbie can get. This way you can avoid common pitfalls like choosing bad niche, competitive keywords etc.

Premade Websites Vs Custom Niche Sites Vs Building Your Own Niche Websites:

Every type of website has some advantages over the other. Done for your websites differ from Premade websites and building your own website. Here is the difference between each of them.

Done For You Websites:

DFY niche websites is a simple concept. You pay a niche website builder a particular amount (usually based on the value of the domain, content and other features) and they build you the initial setup of the niche website.

They do everything like niche selection, keyword research, web hosting setup, design, content and basic seo and then deliver the website to the buyer.

If the research and site is done right, this can be very beneficial in terms of time and energy.


You are in experienced hands.

Keyword research done by experienced hands.

3-5 weeks of time saved in building.

You can avoid common mistakes which newbies make.

Can scale very fast when you are with the right company.


Cost can be High which you can avoid by creating yourself.

Quality is based on the niche site builder you choose.

You don’t learn anything in the process.

If the builder rushes the process, you may end up with a low quality site.

Build Your Niche Site Yourself

If you would like to learn the skills behind building a niche website, we recommend you build your niche site yourself. This way you will save a lot of money and learn the art in the process.

If you have planned to be in this field for a long time like building and flipping niche websites, then this is the way you have to choose.

Knowing how to build a site yourself will help you with lot of other stuffs down the road with your niche site.

You don’t need months to setup a website, you only need to spend a few days to have your site setup when following the right guide.


You learn the process of building niche sites.

You can start in a very small budget.

You can turn profitable very quick.

You decide your design, plugins & keywords.


You may fail if you choose wrong keywords.

May be tough if you are not a tech geek.

You spend a lot of time.

Buy Niche Sites:

As we found the profitability of the niche site business, we started actively buying a lot of premade niche websites with existing traffic and income. As these websites have already some traffic and income, developing them further is not a tedious task.

Platforms such Empire flippers and flippa offer robust niche websites and stores for sale while we at Upniche offer starter and small premade niche websites which doesn’t burn your pocket.

When you know what you are doing, buying readymade niche websites can be extremely profitable.


You may start earning from day one.

You premade site will have existing rankings.

You can be a bit aggressive in link building.

You can scale it with content real quick.

You don’t have to wait for long to sell it for profit.


These sites cost more than Custom Dfy Sites.

You may burn your pocket if you buy a site with poor content or shady tactics.

Google algorithm updates can at times wipe off all the existing rankings (or Double the rankings overnight )

If you don’t know how to develop an existing site, this may not be for you.

Why You Should Buy Premade Niche Websites?

A premade affiliate website has a lot of advantages when compared to a website you build from scratch.

The first best thing when buying premade niche websites is you can see the website before you purchase. You don’t have to worry about the outcome like those purchasing custom niche sites from a niche site builder.

Start Immediately, Save Time:

One of the main benefits of buying a premade website is the time it saves. Creating a website from scratch can take weeks or even months.

If you don’t know the basics of website setup, keyword research, content writing etc, you will have to spend a lot of time in trial and error. This may at times cost you money and time.

If budget is not an issue, you could very well choose this option and buy a premade niche website.

You don’t have to Research

Agencies now a days does all the research you need to run your website. They do initial niche selection for you. They choose keywords to write initial content and they also would have already laid out a proper plan for future content for the website.

Agencies do not go after extremely competitive keywords like weight loss or payday loans. They usually choose niche and keywords which you can rank on page 1 of google.

If you are unable to rank on page 1 of google, you won’t make any money unless you drive paid traffic or social media traffic.

They Rank Quickly:

Premade niche sites are already optimized for SEO.

They may have existing rankings when you purchase it. You can further optimize it or build links to easily rank them on search engines.

Ranking a premade niche site may not be tough if they have existing search rankings.

Professional Design:

You don’t need any website building skills to get started with a premade website. All the work of designing and setting up the website has already been done for you.

For eg. We at Upniche use premium themes and plugins when building your premade website. We make it look like a website built by an agency charging $$$$$ for the design.

Content Plan

We usually offer all our customers 6 months content plan to proceed with their premade niche website.

This content plan would help you proceed in the right direction with your niche website.

Why You Should Not Buy Premade Website:

You can’t find the exact Niche:

Premade niche sites may not be always available in the niche or topic you may like. You have to purchase the one available and may not be able to choose your preferred.

You may need to pay for customizations:

Premade niche sites come with a price tag to it. Anything extra might cost you some money. This is not the case with custom build niche websites where you get a quote based on your requirements.

High Price:

Readymade niche sites cost high based on the income, traffic and various other factors. Even if the site doesn’t make any income, it is priced based on the domain age, backlinks, keywords ranking etc.

What to Check Before Buying a Premade Website

Of course, not all premade websites are created equal. There are a few things you should check before making a purchase:

Legitimacy of the Seller:

Make sure the seller is reputable and trustworthy. Some sellers offer the same niche / keywords to multiple buyers making their customers compete with each other.

Proper CMS Platform:

There are still website builders who build html websites for their clients. CMS like wordpress is much easier to manage and easy to grow . Make sure your niche website is based on wordpress. If you are buying a store, it may be based on wordpress, shopify , magento or other popular platforms.


Check if the website is already indexed in search engines and ranking for some keywords.

If the website doesn’t have any existing rankings, check if the website is recently built. If the website is built 2-3 months before but has no existing rankings as per semrush or ahrefs, then it may be a big red mark.

Niche Targeting:

Make sure the niche of the premade website is one that interests you. If you buy a website you have no interest, it may be an issue when developing it.

Domain Age:

Age of the domain is an important. An aged domain may have backlinks pointing to it. It also might be indexed in google in the case of premade sites.

Niche & Keywords:

When buying a premade niche site, make sure the niche has a lot of products to promote and has a good cpc in terms of display ad networks. Make sure it is targeting tier 1 countries. If it targets tier 2, 3 countries, you won’t have many affiliate offers to promote and also have low cpc.


If the seller claims any traffic or revenue, Look for evidence of revenue, such as screenshots of income reports or analytics screenshot.

Premade Niche Websites or Premade Niche Stores?

Another consideration is whether to buy a premade niche website or a premade niche store. While both have their advantages, niche stores typically require more work to set up and maintain. Niche websites, on the other hand, are more straightforward and require less work.

PLR Niche Websites Vs. Unique Content Niche Websites

You may also come across two types of premade niche websites: PLR and unique content. PLR niche websites use pre-written content that can be used by multiple websites.

Unique content niche websites, on the other hand, have original content that is exclusive to that website. While PLR sites may be cheaper, unique content sites are generally more valuable.

Buying a PLR niche site is just a waste of time unless you will drive traffic to your website by using social media or paid ads.

From Where to Buy Premade Niche Websites?


We at upniche offer custom niche sites, premade niche sites & various other services. We make sure your niche website has all the prominent features to succeed. Being niche website buyers & flippers, we know which niche to target and which keywords to write content for to achieve maximum success. Check our readymade niche sites here.

Empire Flippers:

Empire Flippers is a well known website buying and selling platform. You can find websites with huge revenue here. They have a minimum income limit to list websites for sale. So you don’t find starter websites in Empire Flippers.


Flippa is the oldest website buying and selling platform. They allow websites without income to websites earning $$$$$$$ in their platform.

Premade affiliate niche websites can be a great way to get started in affiliate marketing or display advertising quickly and easily. Just be sure to do your due diligence before making a purchase and choose a website that fits your niche and goals.

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