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Premium PBN Building Service

No Footprints

Real Website like quality.

3×500 word article + Other essential pages with content.

If this is your first order with us, use coupon: firstpbn to get your first pbn built for just $9.99.



Build Private blog networks and  safely rank in your niche. Getting links from guest posts can be pricey while getting links from other pbn networks can be risky. If you would like to go the PBN route, building your own is the best way. We @ Upniche offer a pbn building service that looks like a real website.

We have two options, one with a domain name and the other option is without a domain name.

Features of the site:

  • Real Site Design
  • Professional Logo
  • Archive content if available
  • 3×500 word original article.
  • All legal pages setup.
  • Attractive homepage setup.


Relvant Quality Domain:

If you want us to find you a domain, we can do that as well. We try the best to get you a relevant domain with good metrics. In case a domain has  a very high metric but is less relevant, we will confirm the same with you. Please note we don’t register the domains. We will only find the domains available and recommend you to register it.


  • Trust flow 20+
  • RD 15+
  • No Spam/Porn links.
  • Natural link profile.
  • Archive.org content verification to find whether it was used as a pbn before. It will also be checked if it was redirected in the past.
  • Copyscape check of the old content to find if the content has been used on another site.
  • Registrar History check.

Money Back Guarantee:

We don’t offer money back guarantee as this is a service and includes manual work. But for your first order, you can test our service at just $9.99 using the coupon “firstpbn”. (This offer applies to pbn building service without domain).



With Domain TF 20+ RD 15+, Without Domain


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