Keyword Research For SEO: Beginner’s Guide

Keywords are the backbone of SEO, without keywords writing the content is no use. Keywords are very keen on finding what type of content people are frequently looking for. Keyword research is very familiar among bloggers and SEO analysts. 

A keyword is a word used to find information on google. If your content is very creative and gives more relevant information about that keyword, then google picks you up on the first page. Keyword research is helpful for doing SEO tasks. We are here to share the things of how keyword research is useful for SEO. 

What Are Keywords

The keyword is a significant word or phrase used to find specific information on the internet, and sometimes it is referred to as SEO keywords. The keyword is a word that describes the content on your page, and this is known as the focus keyword that leads people to the organic search results where they find what they are looking for. 

Keywords can also be used as metadata to describe text documents and database records. 

What Are Keywords

Keywords are used in two different ways on the web: they are, search engine search and web page description terms. You can search for anything on the internet using search engines when you type keywords that tell the search engine what to search for. Metabase is used to describe the content of the web page. 

Search engine optimization is essential for us to find the right keywords on the internet. The Discovery of keywords through a process is called keyword research. 

What Is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Keywords are the foundation of SEO. It is a process of improving the quantity and quality of website traffic to a web page from a search engine or increasing its visibility to relevant search. SEO is referred as copyrighting because they promote sites in search engines that deal with the text. The target of SEO is with unpaid traffic rather than paid traffic.

What is Keyword Research For SEO

Basic steps of keyword research to make the site SEO friendly

The process of finding a keyword in the search engine that you want to rank for is called keyword research. It is used by people to search information on the internet. Keyword research is about the understanding of the potential customers what they are searching for and how.  

Keyword research is an SEO practice of finding and analysing the phrases on the internet. In other words, Keyword research is also used for ranking on the web page. Keyword research is closely related to an area of competitive analysis.

Keyword research is used to analyze your competitors’ key insights not only for SEO strategy but also for all business. During researching, you should notice what your competitors are ranking for on google and why we are not. Keywords are the solid foundations of your SEO strategy. Keyword research is often used for SEO and sometimes for general marketing. It is more important to do SEO tasks.  Keyword research can uncover queries to target their ranking difficulty. 

Why do keyword research? – It is a great way to reach your content to most people and is vital for doing SEO tasks. 

How to do keyword research? – By understanding the basics and learning some useful tips & tricks. 

When to do keyword research? – search engine optimization is the first step to research keywords on any website. Keyword research is needed when you are looking for the niche, new content ideas, and optimizing your existing content. 

Who should do keyword research? – SEO specialist, blogger, and any website owner. 

How To Do Keyword Research For SEO Strategy

There are many ways to do keyword research, either manually or using keyword tools. 

1. Study Your Niche

First, you have to know your customer very well before going to talk with them. You should determine the terms while describing  brand, company, product, or service.

Second, you should know how your potential customers will think and how to talk about the offer of the brand? Analyze all the things of your competitors and start studying the niche. 

2. Define Your Goal

Always begin with a plan when you define the end goal. But before planning your goal, you need to ask some introspective questions. We have listed some introspective questions for your reference. 

  • What is your brand?
  • What does your brand look like? 
  • What is the special feature of your brand?
  • Who are you?
  • What is your website?
  • How to make a website?

When you answer these questions effectively, you need to specify what your brand’s mission is. Do you want to increase the subscriber’s number? or do you have any certain sales target date? 

Defining your goal is very important because it will provide the direction of your SEO plan. When it comes to content writing, you have to set a goal otherwise you cannot be able to present the high quality content. So, there must be a goal before starting SEO copywriting and content writing.

Draw a chart and develop your goals on it. These charts will provide the direction of your content on SEO strategy and on online marketing.

3. Make A List Of Relevant Topics

Set your goal to make a list of relevant topics related to your affiliate site. The main topic is machines and it breaks down into smaller topic shaving machines, make a list of relevant topics related to your brand, which you want to rank on google. 

  • Shaving machine Walmart 
  • Shaving machine for men
  • Shaving machine for women

A list of relevant topics is important to your business, and these topics are also related to your buyer persons. First, think of your audience, what type of topics they are searching on google often. Machines are broken down into shaving machines as a keyword related to those topics. 

4. Creating A List Of Seed Keyword

Keyword research processes are the main foundation for seed keywords. They help you to identify your competitors’ site and also to define your niche. You can find thousands of keyword ideas floating around by using seed keywords. 

Seed keywords help you to easily promote your business coming up online. Let a list of keywords that people often search on google. If you have any trouble in using seed keywords, then you can prefer keyword research on google. You can search 1000 keywords in the google search console. Therefore, the seed keyword helps you to find a better keyword. 

5. Use Research Tools

Competitors have a great idea, how to rank their keywords on the first page of google. By using the keyword research tool, you can find tons of keywords that are not targeted by your competitors, so you can use those keywords to get traffic for your site. All keyword research tools work on the same principle. Google research tool is a free tool used to find better keywords for SEO. 

If you type the main topic on the search engine, you can find a lot of sub-keywords below. For example: If you type wraparound glasses, you can see many sub-keywords related to them like wraparound eyeglasses, wraparound sunglasses, wraparound night vision glasses, etc. These sub-keywords are known as phrase match keywords. 

Google is very smart because it knows the word what people are typing, so it picks up the related sub-keywords below. Answer the public is also a free tool; it helps you to find keywords and various questions. The main advantage of a keyword research tool is 

  1. Saves a lot of time – you can get tons of keywords and sub-keywords just in one click. 
  2. It offers you the SERP data, search volume, and difficult keywords. 
  3. It will give a competitive advantage to you.

6. Using Google

Competitive keyword research discovery is used to find keywords on google. A certain amount of guesswork on your part can uncover a lot of opportunities by this method. If you don’t have any keyword research tool, there is nothing to be worried about because you can search for keywords on Google itself. 

Also, google will help you to find the competitors at the top level, but it is not applicable for every case in the real world. Before writing content, first, see the competitor’s content for which keyword they are ranking first. 

When someone enters a main topic on the search engine, they can find a lot of keywords below. From those keywords, you can choose anyone and start to write the content. If your content is very good by inserting a specific keyword, then google picks you up when someone searches your keyword repeatedly. You can get more traffic when your products show up in searches.

The keyword is the foundation for SEO content. Only a particular keyword helps you to rank on the top level of google page by beating your competitors. Therefore searching in google will be helpful to find the better keywords which you want.

How Keyword Research Is Done

Keyword research for SEO can be done as your regular habits to rank your web page. A set of steps mentioned below will help you to do the keyword research process correctly. 

  • Determine your mission
  • Make keyword lists 
  • Keyword research
  • Long-tail keywords
  • Analyze the competitors
  • Look at search intent
  • How to determine keyword strategy
  • Construct landing pages

By following these steps, you can have a better idea to do your own keyword research for SEO. 

Determine Your Mission

First, think about your mission before going to do anything. The mission is nothing but an idea that you have about your website and your company. Every business person will have certain expectations of their visitors. 

What is your organization’s main goal, and what promises are you going to make on your websites? What makes your organization special? Analyze all the questions and write down the answer for your mission, if you can answer these questions in detail. Then this is the first step to do in your keyword strategy.

There is high competition between the large companies and some markets because of dominating the search results. It would be best if you determined whether your mission can rank high in the market. Large companies have huge budgets for marketing in SEO strategy compared to some markets. So ranking in the markets will be very tough for these companies. 

Your mission should be unique when compared to other missions. For example, If you have the ability to sell your product by train or even through curies, then your product will become unique. Whenever the customers look for the things, your product must stand out from the competition. Then only your site will become more general in the world. 

List Of Keywords

The second step is to create a list of keywords in google sheets or excel. What keywords will often look for? Which kind of product will people use? Which product will solve their problems? These are the main things that you have to consider in the search terms.  Try to get your site in the heads of your desired audience. If your site has a good content, then you will have a unique traffic point.

Keyword Research

After making your mission and the list of keywords, you have to dive a bit deeper into keywords. You can use some keyword tools to make keyword research for SEO a bit easier. First, search your keywords on google that you have already known to do. Google will suggest the related keywords while you are typing on the search engine. You can also search the related keywords to “answer the public” tools, which is a free tool and very easy to use. They also provide all kinds of variations of synonyms. You can add these related keywords to your list and check them correctly. 

Long Tail Keywords

Most people have the tendency to focus on the popular head terms when they start to research the keywords. Large businesses always prefer head keywords. On the other hand, long-tail keywords have less search traffic, and it has few competitions. So, it is very easy to get rank for long-tail keywords on google. 

Long Tail Keyword is a low volume keyword with less competitor

Moreover, long-tail keywords are focused only on a product or topic that is a niche and has high conversion value. It would help if you forgot to add your long-tail keywords to your spreadsheets such as google sheets and excel. Add two columns for the head terms and long-tail keywords. The first column is for head terms and the second column for long-tail keywords. These steps will help you to find long-tail keywords and to create a proper site structure for SEO.

Analyse The Competitors

Let you know whether you could go after the long-tail keywords are not; it only depends on your competitors. If your competitor’s niche has a high ranking on Google, then it will be hard for you to rank on competitive head terms. You can rank more of your head terms only if you have less competition. 

It is very hard to rank on Google when your competitors have strong brand names. So, first, see a deep look at your competitor’s site; why are they ranking first on google? Why do they get more traffic? And then analyze with your websites whether you have company websites or professional websites. Does your company equal to your competitor’s company? Think about whether your websites will fit among those sites. Looking at your competitor’s content is well or well optimized. 

After knowing this, start thinking, how to beat your competitor’s site? And how to get more traffic? How to rank on the first page of google? While writing the content, use your creative ideas to rank on the first page of Google, but your content must be unique when compared to others. If your competitors’ content is very poor, then it is easy for you to outrank them. 

You can add images or videos to your content to look more beautiful. So, this may also help you to rank. Finally, add all these key points to your google sheets.

Look At Search Engine

SEO strategies will provide the best solution for people who have more questions. Whenever people enter with the question into the search engine, they can get the answer. Therefore, every kind of question has a variety of answers. Try to find out which type of keywords they will often search on google. There are four types of intent: navigational intent, commercial intent, informational intent, or transactional intent. 

Look at Search Engine
  • Navigational intent – want to access particular websites
  • Commercial intent is used to research something 
  • Transactional intent is used to buy something 
  • Informational intent is used to find information on a particular topic.

By looking close to the query’s ranked pages, you can learn more about the search intent of some queries. You can see product pages, videos, or blog posts. These are hints on how to search the intent of certain queries on google. Make sure that which kind of intent you are going to apply to your keyphrases, and add them to your google sheets. 

How To Determine Keyword Strategy

You can determine a keyword strategy based on the data that you have collected. If you have followed these steps, then your google sheet has a number of keywords. Also gathered a lot of information about the competitors and search intent for those keywords.

If you want to get more traffic for your sites, then go and focus more on long tail keywords. A combination of long-tail keywords could attract very well in traffic. Once you get more traffic in long-tail keywords, then go and focus on head terms, this will become easier for you to rank. 

First, let you think of what kind of content will your audience expect more? For which keyword they will search often? Analyze all these questions, and you can get an idea of how to write the content of our site. Proceed with your own ideas on the content, that should be unique when compared to others.

Construct Landing Pages

Constructing the landing pages is out of the scope for keyword research. If you want to get more traffic for your websites, creating landing pages is important. Start constructing the landing pages for your search terms. It is a long term effort so You can’t able to create all the pages immediately.

Construct your land pages from a template based on your campaign and industry. Landing pages are built to scan your main points in the headline by highlighting. Keywords are essential one while writing the content of the article. So, support your content with links, images, and videos and also highlights the subheadings. By using this, your article may rank at the topmost level.

How To Choose Keyword For Your Website

First, you need an idea of what keywords you want to rank on the pages of google. Before starting to write your content, choosing the best keyword is more important. For that, there are three main factors to select a good keyword.

Relevance –  Search intent comes in to check the content ranks on google. Your site will rank only for the inserted keyword in the content. In addition, your content must be more creative when compared to others. Your high-quality content can rank on the first page of google and also could get more traffic for your site. 

Authority – Google will provide more weight to the sources who have the authority to run their business. If you want to become an authoritative source on google, then you must provide useful and reliable content in your site. Also, you should promote your content to yield more backlinks and social signals. If your content is exceptional, you may have the chance to rank at a lower level on google. 

Volume – Volume is searched by MSV, which is a monthly search volume. If you have the specific keyword on your content, you may have the chance to rank on google’s first page. But if no one ever searches for your specific keyword, then your site may not get any traffic. Volume means the keyword is searched for how many times per month throughout all people. 

How To Create A Keyword List For SEO

Creating a list of keywords is an SEO blueprint, and it is also known as a sitemap of your website. Targeted keywords are used in the content of the article, URL structure, and even in link buildings. If you did not choose the correct keywords, then you have to spend most of your time for re-optimizing the content. If the content is not re-optimized, then you won’t get any traffic or rank. 

You should create a well-organized keyword list so only you can develop your content around the phrases. If it is done correctly, then you may have a better chance of ranking on google’s first page. Now you can create a keyword list based on the targeted locations. 

Small Town

Small town means choosing broad keywords. The search volume will be less because there is less number of people in small towns. Go to google and find out what type of keywords are often searched by people and describe the keywords that you have offered.

You can have only one primary keyword in your keyword list, and that type of keyword should be broad. This primary keyword should be targeted on the homepage. 

Large City

Large city means choosing specific keywords. After adding broad phrases to your list, you should include specific phrases. Large cities have more people, so there will be a medium search volume.

When you enter keywords on the search engine, you can find some specific keywords related to your main keywords. From these specific keywords, you can choose anyone. You can use the fill-ups method to get keyword ideas. 

First, write all the products that you are going to offer and learn the keywords for each product. Do the same thing for other products also.


National means choosing a specific keyword and researching the competitor’s keyword. National – there are a large number of people, so their search volume will be very high. You can play with google to find keywords for your different products. 

When you enter the keyword on the google auto search, you can find many sub-keywords floating below. From that, you can choose the best keyword you want and analyze how your competitor’s keyword is relative to its search volume. 

  • First, write down all the products and learn them.
  • Finding long-tail keywords for each product.
  • Assigning keywords for each product.
  • Find out the keywords that are too competitive and filter them
  • To find the results of keywords, go, and search into google.

By using these steps, you can find better keywords for your product or service. Also, you can find a keyword by filling up the method on google.

URL Structure

You should be very careful while choosing a keyword; otherwise, it may affect your URL structure and the content on your site. That’s why we say before building your site, creating a keyword list is the best one. URL structure should look like this. 

  • service
  • service/ your specific service


Keyword research should start with an SEO strategy. If you would like to be found on google, you should write the articles for every keyword, but it is very hard to write content.

Search engine optimization aims to find the keywords, topics and give relevant information. You have to find out the keywords that your audience often uses before creating website content.

Based on keywords, you can start to write your website content, and keywords can also be called search terms. By writing high-quality content, you can get more traffic to your site. 

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