25+ Traffic Generation Marketing Tips for Your Website

Do you know how many people visit your site every month? How did they get your website? These are the questions that many businessmen and marketing experts find hard to get answered. Getting the answer to these questions is the starting point to generate traffic for your site.

If you ask a business owner or a marketing professional what they are looking for, probably their answer is “more customers.” More traffic to their site is the next thing they will consider after the customers. 

Traffic is one of the biggest problems in today’s marketing. The competition for traffic has increased incredibly because of the rise of internet marketing, and it takes some time to build a steady flow of website visitors. Getting website traffic is not difficult to seem. There are a lot of ways to increase the traffic on your site.

Here we are going to show the 30 best ways to generate traffic to your site. These are the actual strategies for successful online businesses.

Experts Tips For Traffic Generation

#1. Forum Posting

Forums are one of the places on the web to participate in the online discussions. It will help you to promote your site; usually, people post text and link to generate traffic for the website. A forum is a place when you want a piece of information from real people with a non-restrictive attitude.

The forum posting site is a community; new users have to create an account and start the discussion with the forum members. Forum is a great platform for digital marketing and affiliate marketing.

By using a forum, there are a lot of benefits for you to generate traffic. A high-quality forum will help to increase the frequent traffic of your site, and also it helps to get quality backlinks from the forum. Another benefit of using the forum is, you can get a connection with new users.

#2. Pay Per Click

PPC is an online advertising method; by this, the advertisers have to pay each time when the user clicks their online ads. In the pay-per-click advertisement, the business running ads are only charged if the user clicks their ad; therefore, it is named as “pay-per-click.”

It is one of the forms of paid digital marketing used in social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.

There are different types of pay-per-click shown in the search engine. This is one of the widely used marketing channels where the marketers don’t pay for their ad placement; they are only paying if any online user clicks their ad.

The PPC is considered as a significant option for digital marketers to improve their traffic. But without any smart strategy and careful strategy, pay-per-click will cause a major problem for you. So you have to know what you are doing before using the PPC option for your site.

#3. Podcasts

Experts are advising to use Podcasts to improve the traffic generation of your site. Today, many people are listening to podcasts, so this is one of the best ways to generate traffic to your site. This is an excellent platform to share your stories, talk about your business to reach thousands of new customers.

Find a podcast for your niche site and get the information about their host, then contact them through email or some other way, share a little of your story, explain the topic you would like to talk about on the show, and then ask them if they are willing to have you on the show.

At first, you can start with the smallest podcasts; once you feel confident about your story and the content, you can reach some larger podcasts. If your voice is published on podcasts, you can reach thousands of new customers; by this, you can get new traffic for your website.

#4. Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking helps to increase your website traffic. This online service allows you to create and publicly share your website bookmark with other communities.

Social bookmarking acts as a tool and creates a great impact on digital marketing because it is an essential tool for SEO’s backlinks. This is a great way for people to search, gather, organize, and discover the webpage; hence it will act as the most powerful traffic generator in digital marketing.

This is the greatest way to marketing your content and create traffic. Using various bookmarking sites to advertise your sites will help you to improve the traffic and strengthen your SEO.

This is the easiest way to find the popular and trending bookmark in a specific field. There are a lot of networking tools used for social bookmarking like, 

  • Delicious
  • Evernote
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest

Using these networks, you can generate traffic for your websites.

#5. Video Marketing

Video Marketing is not a new idea, but it is still working; brands need a video marketing strategy. This is the biggest platform and channel to improve the traffic to your website. When it comes to digital marketing, videos play a vital role; most of the customers say videos help them to make a buying decision than the content.

If you promote a video for your site using social media, it will take a major part of your site’s traffic. Millions of people are daily watching videos through Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, so videos are helping you to promote your site instantly.

Nowadays, most of the young generations are using the Internet for their entertainment and learning skills online. Youtube is the search engine for videos; by using this, you can easily promote your website.

Create a short and catchy video for the demanding keyword related to your business and promote it on social media.

#6. Get Involved In Facebook

When it comes to digital marketing, Facebook plays a vital role. For the powerful advertisement option, you can use the groups on Facebook. Facebook has many tools for the traffic generation of your site. A strong Facebook presence will help you to get the potential customer to improve your site.

Go to Facebook and search the group for your related keywords. Filter the groups for your requirement, then go with the resulting groups and open them to ensure whether the group is still active and join the groups.

Spend some time to check the daily activities of your Facebook groups that you join. Answer the community’s questions and create some posts in the group; from this, you can get some real value to your site from the people in that group. This traffic strategy leads the people in the group to your website.

Another bonus with these Facebook groups is you can build relationships with the Facebook group owners, and then you may know whether they are willing to promote your site in a critical situation. This can help to get the biggest lead for the traffic generation.

#7. Start Your Own Facebook Group

It is similar to the traffic strategy given above of getting involved in the Facebook groups; you can also start your own Facebook group with any niche topic. Go to Facebook and find a topic that is related to your business and choose one topic still that is not highly populated. Create a new group, then start inviting the valuable person for the group.

Regularly post in the group for engaging the community; this will initiate your personal brand as a business leader. You can also create your own online space for marketing to find new clients and improve your site’s traffic.

#8. Long Tail Keywords

Generating organic keywords is a very important feature for the traffic generation of your website. It takes more time to give results, but it plays a vital role in your traffic generation. Long-tail SEO keywords are a secret to building solid traffic for your site from any search engines like Google.

Let me explain with an example If you are writing an article about traffic generation but the keyword “traffic generation marketing” gives more benefit than the “traffic generation,” because the competition for the keyword “traffic generation marketing” is much lower than the keyword”traffic generation,” but still, it has good monthly search traffic. It can make good traffic for your site.

As you are planning and researching to get an SEO keyword, the first factor to concentrate on is, influencing the long-tail keyword. Find the popular and low competitive keyword and try to rank in SEO for your site traffic.

#9. Link Internally

Usually, one page is linked with another page in the same domain, known as an internal link. Using this, it gives a great effect on your website’s search engine and helps create more traffic to your site.

If someone is reading your article, it is also important to refer to other articles and pages of your site; in this case, the internal link will help the readers easily navigate one page to another page of your website. It will help to improve the search ranking of the page you link and also help to define the hierarchy and the architecture of your site.

But you have to be careful to interlink the page because you have to link the content which is relevant to the topic to add the reader’s experience. If you link with an irrelevant topic, the architecture of your site will be improper.

When you link internally, traffic will be increased, and also there are possibilities to get more social likes with which you can perform with more loyalty to your visitors.

#10. Use Hashtags To Your Post

Using the hashtag on social media is one of the easiest ways to promote your site and get more opportunities to have more traffic on your site. It plays an important role in social media marketing and helps to label your site on social media.

The hashtag helps you to highlight your content so that the people can easily find out the relevant content; it helps you with the search engine ranking. This will allow your content to engage in social media and help you to get more traffic for your website.

You can use the hashtag to attract audiences, and using the hashtags on the social media platforms, there are many chances to generate more traffic to your site. 

Using a trendy hashtag will help you to promote your website on social media marketing channels like Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest to create more traffic for your site.

#11. Make Sure Your Site Is Responsive

You have to concentrate on the responsive design of your website. You have to design your site with proper content, and the elements you add to the site will match the size of the screen to view.

You may avoid unnecessary scrolling, resizing, zooming in the site because it will make difficulties in navigating the website, and also it may cause frustration to the potential customers.

You must design your website for different screen sizes that scale up or down automatically. If you design your site in this format, you can easily reach new customers; a good website is a venue for the new customers; a responsive site can only generate more traffic.

A responsive site performs user-friendly; hence you have to build your site more flexible, and also, you have to improve your user experience of your website by this you can easily create traffic for your site.

If your site is more responsive, you can easily manage your website; by this, the search engine also easily ranks your site and gets more traffic for your site.

#12. Make Sure Your Site Is Fast

Optimization of your webpage is important to create traffic for your website. The loading time of your page depends on the image, file size, page structure, and functionality of your site’s plugins. The fastest loading of your site will improve the traffic to your site.

The fast response of your site will improve your online business; moreover, your website’s speed is very important for your SEO. The speed of your website will help you to rank high in the search engines.

Hence improving the speed of your website helps to improve your SEO ranking. As a result of this, you can get more traffic for your Website and attract more customers to improve your online business.

#13. Update Your Analytics Data

Analytics is the analysis, collection, processing, and reporting of the Internet data for your optimized website. Basically, analyzing and observing the visitor’s behavior will help you to improve your site’s traffic.

Google Analytics is a free tool for analyzing the analytics of your website; it helps you to track the important status and information about your website.

Google Analytics can show you how the user drove to your websites, like the referral link from some other website or paid advertisement or the search engine; it shows the source of the high traffic generation for your site.

Using analytics, you can understand the statistics of the visitors to your website. Hence, your site’s analytics will help you to improve your website’s performance and improve the traffic generation of your website.

#14. Research The Competitors

When it comes to online marketing, you have to do some research about your competitors. If you did not do this, it is a huge disadvantage for your site.

Semrush is one of the sites that help analyze your competitor’s performance; using this; you can analyze the competitor site’s performance and identify what kind of topics are required for the readers. The most important thing is to get around on social media.

You have to examine your competitive websites and find your competitor’s marketing position and improve your site; it will help to improve your site’s traffic frequently.

When it comes to online marketing, your ups and downs are also based on your competitors, so you have to analyze your competitors to improve your website’s traffic.

Commenting leads you to create new friendships that can further help your website. Create a list of blogs which is related to your business. Every day, spend 30 minutes in the blog, go to their new content, ask some good questions about the article, or leave some valuable content for the people who read the article.

It may create a way to reach out to the blog owner to start a friendship, and it may lead you to get a chance for a guest article.

When people see the valuable content in the comment, it may lead them to check your profile and check out what you deal with in your profile. This can attract new visitors to your site by improving the traffic of your site.

#16. Answer The Questions On Quora

The question and answer platform have millions of users; using this, you can get traffic for your website. First of all, create a profile on quora and set your profile to make sure that your profile looks professional on that platform. Find the question with a lot of views related to your website.

Every day spend some time searching for the topics related to your website, giving the real answer to that person who asks that question, and linking the content with your website.

You can also follow the persons related to your website content and see their activities in quora; if they answer your question, it will be highly viewed by the persons in quora; it leads to creating traffic to your website.

After some days, you will get followers on the platform of quora; you will get views for your answers; it leads to getting more traffic to your website from this platform.

#17. Write Guest Articles

Guest post is one of the ways to increase traffic to your site, and also it helps to build a brand for your website as well as it helps to boost your SEO ranking in an efficient way. 

Guest posting is the greatest strategy to increase the traffic for your site. Firstly, it helps you to position your brand in front of the new targeting customers, in which it will give the opportunity to get new people to your site. Whether you can convince them of your business knowledge, it will help you get a new customer for your business.

You can also ask, “is the guest post good for SEO?” The answer is yes because the website owner accepts the guest blogging with the content includes a backlink for their site; you can build a high-quality link for your website. So the backlink strategy using the guest post will help you to increase the traffic of your site.

#18. Build A Partner Network

It is also similar to the guest article, make a list of companies which are related to your business that you are not directly competing with them, but they have a good community of users.

Then find the contact of the person who is in charge of handling the marketing and partnerships, then contact them and introduce yourself, explain a bit about your company and then ask them if they will build a potential partnership. 

Before choosing the partnership network, you have to pay some attention to some parameters like traffic volume, backlink metrics, keyword gap, and domain authority. You have to choose the technically beneficial network.

When you get a positive response from that company, try to call them so that you can meet them to share your ideas and get some new ideas and get the chance to know each other a bit. Make sure you are communicating with each other frequently.

When you talk about the partnership, you can get some new suggestions for the marketing strategy, newsletter exchange, video content, etc.

Building a partner network is a great long term traffic generation strategy because you always get some new co-marketing activities from them.

#19. Using Email Marketing

Email marketing strategy is one of the modest strategies to improve the traffic for your website. It is an effective way to reach your customer with an inexpensive method. Using this method, you can easily build trust with your customer. First of all, when you plan to build an email marketing strategy, you have to prepare a subscriber list.

After preparing the subscribers list, you have to select the tool you will work with it. The tool which you are using is also making the traffic level of your website.

Just be careful not to send any irrelevant email to the people on your subscriber’s list because every single update of the email helps you to improve your website’s traffic level.

Also, concentrating the email is friendly because a friendly email about any new product or service can help you boost up the website’s traffic level.

#20. Build Review Profiles

Review profile acts as a pillar article on your website; using the review article, you can create your site’s traffic. In this profile, you have to review your website and give a backlink to your website; by this, you can get some traffic to your site.

Some review sites are available like Glassdoor; you can improve your website traffic by using these sites. As you build a profile on those pages and get the customers positive reviews for working with you and your business. 

These processes will shoot up the google search ranking of your business. It adds SEO value to your website domain.

These are an amazing source for the traffic generation of your website. Using this type of review profile, you can easily get hope from your customer; it helps to lead your business to the next stage.

#21. Upgrade Old Content

Once you get the point that your website’s content has over 6 months, you have to upgrade the content in your most popular articles. Using google analytics, you can easily find the most popular article on your website in the past 6 months.

Once you find the popular articles in the past 6 months, choose them and slowly analyze the article, look for the area where you can update and add more links in the article, and update the article, which is suitable for the current time.

Upgrading your article will improve the article’s quality even before and show Google that you are active on your website, and you would like to make your content more relevant for the people who search for it.

Moreover, it will drive more traffic to your website. Hence, updating the article is one of the best ways to improve your website’s traffic.

#22. Invite Other Guest Blog To Your Site

Does your site have high-value content and visitors? Then why are you waiting for? Start inviting other industry leaders to write a guest post on your site.

Some people think this is not the right choice for the traffic strategy, but it really works well. If other entrepreneurs post the guest article on your website, it means they share their community with your site.

Adding the new content for the guest post will help you bring new readers to your site, and the keywords in this content will help your site search engine ranking.

#23. Get Involved In Twitter

Twitter is the greatest way to promote your website. Tweeting about your website is the greatest way to reach out and connect with your customers. Twitter has more than 500 million users; by using this platform, you can get lots of new visitors to your website.

Tweet shortly with 140 characters about your site and link with your site, which works well and gets new visitors to your site.

But the creative tweet will give more customers; this is one of the ways to increase the traffic for your site. This is the greatest tool for every marketer who promotes their online business because millions of people are using twitter. Hence this helps the people to generate traffic for your site.

#24. Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is one of the popular ways in online advertising; it is also called display advertising. Using this, you can generate traffic for your website by linking it to your page. Also, web banners will help the customer to notify about your site’s new products and brands.

Using this method, you can retarget your customers; usually, banner ads are placed on a high traffic website. After the traffic you have to concentrate on the site, the banner must be placed on the relevant place, that’s only the banner that attracts the customers.

A good quality banner will help you to get more traffic to your site so let’s make a good quality banner and place it in the right place. The banner will help the click-through rate of your website; by this, you can optimize your site’s search engine ranking.

#25. Submit Your Content Reddit

Reddit becomes the latest marketing tool; using this, you can promote and increase the traffic to your site. First of all, you have to choose the right subreddit; choosing the right one will ensure the people are relevant to your niche and see your content and posts.

Keep your content more relevant in Reddit; hence you can get more traffic from Reddit. If you post any content, make sure it has high quality, then only you can reach the top ranking of Reddit.

The more participation and activity in Reddit will increase the friend list in your Reddit profile, and you can get more traffic for your website.

#26. Post Content To LinkedIn

Linkedin has become the world’s largest professional social network, and now it is a valuable publishing platform, which means you can post your content on LinkedIn.

First of all, go to the LinkedIn page and create a professional profile for you. Once you set up your profile, then get some friends; after that, start sharing the contents. It allows you to share the content with your friends. And the great thing about the social network is that it has a lower competition than other networks.

Joining high-quality niche groups will help you to reach targeted customers. People in the group will discuss certain topics and share information; sharing the blog post in the group that you have recently written will help you to drive valuable traffic to your website.

#27. Develop SlideShare Presentations

There are many social network platforms available to get traffic for your website. But the “Slideshare” is a different platform where you can share your site post or content in the form of a presentation. This way is very attractive to share your content with the visitors.

It has 70 million visitors; creating high-quality, attractive content in the form of the slide show will help you to get the millions of viewers in the Slideshare; it will help you to get the massive traffic for your website.

In the slideshow, just highlight the important points from the original content of your website. If the visitors get influenced by your presentation, they click the link that you added to give additional information; by this, you can get more traffic for your website.

#28. Add Social Share Buttons

The social media traffic is more important for website ranking; in this case, adding the social share buttons helps to generate social media traffic for your site. Add social media share buttons on your websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and some other relevant websites also. 

Using this method, you can easily generate your website traffic from different sources; sharing the follow button on your website helps the customer to identify your social media platform.

These buttons will help to promote your website business on different social networks. You can place these buttons anywhere on your website to generate traffic on your site.

#29. Make Response To Customer Comment

When you need to run your business online, your customer satisfaction is more important for that. But How do you know if your customers are satisfied or Not?

The commenting section of your website is one of the ways to find out your customer satisfaction; replying to the customer comment also helps your customer to get a good opinion of your business.

Make Response to customer comment

Also, addressing customer feedback will help to improve your site; hence, commenting also helps for your site’s traffic generation. Answering the customer’s comment gains long term customers for your website.

#30. Write An eBook

If you’re looking for a way to drive traffic to your website, an eBook is the greatest way for that. You may think that eBook doesn’t create any impact on your website traffic, but a simple kindle book will lead to increase your site’s traffic.

Using the eBook, you can link directly to your website when you submit your book in Kindle to publish. People still like to read books; hence eBooks act as a great marketing tool in which you can write content for your site promotion and publish it; also, eBooks will help to increase more customers for your website.


Here we’ve given 30 best ideas for your website traffic generation; by following this tactic, you can improve your website’s traffic. If you are completely new to traffic generation, choose the strategy one by one, and try it for one month, it will help you to slowly build your own traffic to your site.

If you run a good business online, then you have a good team for this process; hence you can choose 5 to 10 tactics from the list, process them and get your team to measure the result of the process.

You have to use some strategy for creating a constant traffic generation channel for your website. We hope our tactic list will help you to make your website traffic generation.

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