Ultimate Guide For Micro Niche Websites

If you come across the internet searching for specific keywords, we can find 100’s of websites floating around. Among those websites, we are here to share an essential one: To build an online business, first you need to start with micro niche site ideas.

It is a million dollar task to find a micro niche site, but it is easy to execute micro niche site ideas. So, we have created a list of micro niche site ideas. E.g., If you are writing a topic about comedy, then you can mention it is a niche.

Searching for a common topic on the internet is called a niche website, but searching for some specific topic is called a micro niche site. For example,- Dance is a common topic that is a niche but if the site is specifically targeted for break dancers that is a micro niche. If you are new in the online business, we can also help you to build a new niche or micro niche sites.

What Is A Micro Niche Site

A niche site is just a name for a website about a specific topic. A micro niche site is a narrowed down version of a niche site. A micro niche site is a small website made of few pages, generally one to ten pages, because it focuses on a specific keyword, or you can say a broad knowledge of a keyword.

The domain name of the micro niche site has to match the keyword of that site, and in most cases, there are many profitable ideas. A micro niche site is a theme based web resource and offers pieces of information to target audiences.

What Is A Micro Niche Site
What is a Micro Niche Site

A micro-niche site is focused on one field of expertise, and it contains only applicable content such as posts, articles, and reviews, etc. The search engine allows the user to find the websites fast as a response to their requests.

This type of micro niche website targets a particular keyword. The micro-niche site’s goal is to give information to people about specific topics because it makes the people more comfortable when they read the articles in your site.

Here some of the successful examples of Amazon, Ad-sense, and Affiliate niche and micro niche sites that we designed for our clients for their first online business.

How To Find Micro Niche Ideas Using Online Tools

There are three free online tools or methods to find any type of micro-niche site idea, and they are the best tools to generate passive income. The three online tools are listed below:

  • Google auto suggest
  • Quora
  • Answer the public

Google Auto Suggest

Google auto-suggest is the best and the easiest one to find questions and micro niche blog ideas. Let us guide you on how to find useful micro niche sites on google search.

First, go to Google and enter the keyword that you are looking to write a blog and press the hit space bar after entering the key phrase. Google will show you most of the things you have searched for and you can pick from anyone you want.

For example, “How to write a” is the topic that you have searched on google, and it’s a niche. We can see a lot of micro niches below like

  1. How to write a report
  2. How to write a story
  3. How to write a book
  4. How to write a summary
  5. How to write a paragraph
  6. How to write a composition
  7. How to write a thesis
Google Auto Suggest
Google Auto Suggestion

These are the topics that you can choose for a micro niche site, and the process of finding micro niche ideas are straightforward. This technique is used to generate topics to write articles.

The next step is to register a domain after finding a micro niche for blogging and get web hosting to create your micro niche website. The traffic will be less for micro niche site ideas, but if you monetize the site correctly, you can generate profitable revenue.

Most of the top influencers and bloggers will suggest only informative articles rather than search engine articles. When you impress the reader, the search engine is also impressed. So, extracting the topics will help to concentrate on the low competition keywords.


Quora is a place that you can keep in touch every day with millions of readers, and also everyone can create a free account on quora. Most people ask questions on quora like “does vitamin k improves night vision” related to their micro niche site.

How to place Question in Quora

After asking a question on Quora, you can get an answer from that. When you go through those answers you can get more ideas on how to write an article for your site. This is the way to generate micro niche site ideas using quora. 

Answer The Public

Answer the public is also free, like quora, and it is an excellent tool to generate niche blog ideas. If you don’t know how to write content for a micro niche site, answering the public is a tool that will help you to generate some beautiful ideas for your content.

Answer The Public -Micro Niche Site
Answer the public tool used to find ideas for Micro Niche Site

Just type the keyword on it, and you can find multiple questions floating there. This will help you to find micro niche site ideas to build a strong authority blog. When you research micro niche sites deeply, you have come to know that micro niche sites can also generate a huge income. Answer the public is an adaptable tool for bloggers that help you to pick up the sensible topic that is most wanted by the users.

How Does A Successful Micro Niche Site Looks Like

Micro niche site is a platform which guides you for your future success when you Scroll down the pages micro niche sites. There are some platforms helps to get the good ideas for the micro niche site. These are some platforms for you.

  • It helps people to solve issues.
  • Includes types of content
  • Articles based on low competition keywords
  • Search traffic from google
  • Social media traffic
  • Ranks in google 

Keep that in mind, a long term objective can build an extensive email list by means of your websites so that you can promote your own products.

How does a successful micro niche Site looks like

Helps People To Solve Issues

A Good micro niche site will provide their audience with an optimal solution to implement and contain valuable information.

A micro niche site will allow communicating with the readers. It also helps the readers to ask questions and get answers with more information. Micro niche sites also present reviews, descriptions, comparison charts, hints, and guides.

Micro niche sites provide the people in searching a specific topic on the internet. If your article ranks on the first page, then google picks you up and gives it to the searchers.

Content Types

There are many types of content to present the article in a correct manner. Use the following types of content to write articles that are listed below. 

  • Informative articles
  • Product reviews
  • Descriptions
  • Comparisons and overviews
  • Photo and video galleries
  • News and announcement

When you start to build the content, do not forget to insert keywords and sub-keywords in the article. Using only buyer keywords to optimize the content is useful to focus on a single niche. You can develop themes within your websites. Inserting a particular link to the content will help you to rank your article on the first page of google.

Articles Based On Keywords

You have to do some research about your competitor’s article before going to start writing the content of the article, and also, you have to analyze why Google ranks their content on the first page for that keyword.

You can refer to any site to know about the keyword of the competitors site. It will give you a list of keywords and sub keywords. 

Different Traffic Source

For affiliate websites, social media is a crucial marketing channel but everything depends on the niche and micro niche site. Use your micro niche site social media to increase the audience to communicate with other influences.

Google is the leading supplier of search traffic; it also increases the chance of getting more traffic. If it is possible to buy traffic, you can buy, but this option is rather expensive.

Google brings the most relevant visitors that turn into leads. For this purpose, you can use only high-quality links. Therefore you can get more traffic from social media. There are a lot of ideas are used to generate site traffic by using different sources. 

Ranks In Google

The first important thing to rank on Google is to purchase an exact match domain name of which keyword you want. After purchasing the domain, you should create a website that looks like a static website. You can rank your micro niche site in Google by inserting the perfect keywords. 

Always remember that you need to rank the blog on the home page. Ranking your blog’s homepage is very easy compared to ranking blog posts, and there is no need to rank your blog post in the micro niche blog. Moreover, your article must be present on the homepage. 

Long Term Goals

Micro niche sites are designed for the development of product sales and client capacity over the long term. Keep that in mind; you should hit keywords on your niche based on their popularity to get direct traffic on product listing. 

Continuous Growth

The content of the article on the micro niche site provides the audience because of the relevant information. First, the micro niche site helps the people to gather the knowledge they need, which motivates them to open the websites.

Second, people will open micro niche sites again and again in future, because they have received useful information by reading your micro niche site. 

Outdated content and misleading visitors may be contained in the old content of the article. So, don’t underestimate continually updating your content.

Fresh content on the micro niche site can only increase your rank on google. If you want to rank your micro niche site, then you need to publish new material now and then.

How To Make A Micro Niche Sites

Starting a micro niche website can never be easier but if you start any business, a micro niche is very important. So, we are here to share the topic on how to make a micro niche website for beginners.

How to Create a Micro Niche Site

Finding Niche

To start an online business, finding your niche is more important based on where your passion is. Make sure that you are going to start the business in a correct way otherwise you will burn out from google. When your competition is lower your niche always comes with big profits. First you need to research some keywords. 

Content Plan

Planning content is essential to get traffic for your micro niche site and it also helps the other post to gain traffic. Use a long tail keyword for your niche by writing meaningful and high quality content for your micro niche websites. Don’t copy the content of others, write your own reviews and ideas. 

Start google to get ideas and knowledge in a similar niche. Rank your site on google by writing at least 15-20 articles on it and share your article on social media posts like Facebook. Create a link of your own and follow backlinks for micro niche sites.

Content categories are also known as hubs or spokes. If your niche is “foods” and you might have “healthy eating” as a first hub,fruits” as a second hub, and “vegetables” as a third hub. You can create the how many hubs you want. The content must not go overbroad or too narrow. The purpose of content is not to rank but to build your micro niche websites’ authority. 

How To Start Your Micro Niche Site

By knowing your niche you can write your content in the best way. It is time to start your micro niche site. So we have recommended Bluehost for your website’s hosting and they are as fast as cheap.

The custom support of Bluehost is out of this world and they have hosted countless niche sites. There are some other hostings are also available with the best customer support to start your own micro niche site. Once your site gets running up you can customize your site how you want and how you need it. To make the Elementor as your page builder we have recommended generating press for your theme because they are free, we do not want to pay money for that tool.

Once you got your site looking how you want and it is the time to start producing your content. You can write content in your own way or hire others out. Therefore, writing on your own is the best way to increase your knowledge and creative thinking.

How To Boost Your Authority

There is no last step to niche sites, but most people fail to boost their authority. What to do to increase your source? You should insert some attractive links in your article content. There are many ways to get links for your content, but the one way is to wait until your site gets a link naturally.

We recommend the guest post, asking other site owners if you can post free content to their site. Those who want to build links can choose guest posts to boot their authority.

How To Build A Micro Niche Site

We like to keep the things super simple around here, so we broke this into 4 simple steps to build a micro niche site. 

  • Get a website up and running for your micro niche site
  • Choosing a niche 
  • Write a bunch of keyword articles for a micro niche site 
  • Getting traffic 

Building a micro niche site is a shallow risk; you don’t need to go to school or take a course; you can do it from home even in the bedroom and get started, it may cost around $50. That’s pretty cool from anywhere you could make a passive income by creating a mini business. 

It may take 30 hours for a micro niche site to come into a money making stage. To build a micro niche site you did not read any books or take any course, just go and read a few blog posts. After that you can get a clear idea how to start a micro niche site. 

To maintain a micro niche site, it takes only an hour a month for us, but we have already made a little bit of money from this. We will not be able to retire, but in the first two months it has paid back my investment and made me cool. That’s pretty cool, if you want to scale it up and want to let it run, we can. 

Get A Website Up And Running For Micro Niche Site

The following steps will help you to run a micro niche site, first it may look complicated but it is super easy. To get your micro niche site up and running, it may require 3 things.

  • Choose a Web Host 
  • Install WordPress 
  • Install a Theme
Choosing A Web Host

Hosting your website in the correct place is like renting a land on the internet. you can’t own a site without hosting space. When it comes to hosting, you have to consider some important things, such as, Uptime, speed, and customer support.

A good hosting service is also important for your site traffic so that you have to refer more information about the hosting before going to choose one for your niche and micro niche site. 

How to choose a Web Hosting Service
Installing WordPress
WordPress Installation
Installing WordPress

The most popular website software in the world is WordPress. It is super simple to use, no stuff or coding, and no wired programming.

We highly recommend wordpress, if you want secure and nice designed websites.

Installing A Theme

By using WordPress theme; the fonts, and styles are very much easy to use, so you can prefer this for your theme design.

The theme developer should be active in updating the themes regularly otherwise you may face cyber attacks. The WordPress theme customization is most important thing for your site performance.  

Theme Installation

Choosing A Micro Niche Site

First, you should start thinking to choose your sub niche correctly. With your abilities, you can make your decision based on personal interests or curiosity for a determined subject. Try to understand how you can pass on your knowledge through services. You should really know what you are going to talk about on your content then only you can create a better relationship with your client. 

You will have less competition because of your creative thinking about specific topics. The more important one is to consider the search volume for each niche and to find a profitable one. Therefore, you can choose a sub niche based on:

  • Find a profitable area 
  • Search your search volume 
  • Analyze the competitor
  • Set a micro niche within the chosen area 
  • Work with a sub niche with less competition 

Micro niches are about information; when someone searches for something more specific related to your micro niche post, your article will be one of the first to be found.

Writing Keywords Article For Micro Niche Site

You need to target a keyword of your articles to get found on google. That’s why you need to spend most of the time finding a good keyword. The way to target a keyword is to add it in the article in a decent number of places, by doing this google knows what your site is about. 

For example, if someone searches for “best fruit juice” Google scans the web for an article. If your article contains the keyword several times, then google will pick it as relevant and show it to the searcher. If you are interested in writing the article along with the keyword, you can rank on the front page of google. So, inserting keywords is more important in your article. 

Getting Traffic

The most difficult and least enjoyable part of this process is getting traffic to your site. Getting traffic is a necessary part of building your article “ spam your website all over the world”. If your site is about games when people often ask questions, you can share your stuff on the Facebook page. 

If you choose a specific title like “Does cucumber control sugar level” your videos will rank on the first page easily in you tube. Getting traffic is more critical in your site for those who are running the business. 

How To Make Money From Micro Niche Sites

Now think that people are visiting your micro niche sites constantly so you can get more traffic for your site. After this, you need to turn the traffic into dollars. We are recommending you to use two different ways to make money from micro niche sites. The two ways are – advertising and affiliate marketing. 


Advertising is just a simple one and it can be done easily through Google Adsense. Simply you can sign up for an account and your site details in google Adsense. If your site is not a spam factory then it will be approved by the google. Around your sites you can start copy and paste the ads. If the readers just click on those ads you can earn money between 10 – 50 percent.

The negative advertising is, you have to gain a lot of traffic for your niche site before expecting a good result. If you’re a beginner in a micro niche site then go with affiliate marketing for better results. 

Affiliate Marketing

We are suggesting you to use affiliate marketing to make money off your site from the first day. When you earn a commission for recommending a product or service is called affiliate marketing. You should insert a special link in your product site because if someone clicks that link and makes a purchase of your product then you get a commission. 

Making Money from Affiliate marketing

If this is your first site, we are recommending you to use amazon associates as the affiliate program owned by amazon and you can also post affiliate links on your site. Amazon will provide a commission for you between 1- 10 percent when the readers click your link and buy something. 

Start commenting on your similar micro niche site holders because they will give you back links for your site which helps you to rank your micro niche site on google. This helps you to generate more revenues and also to increase a good source of organic traffic. 

Benefits Of Micro Niche

Easier marketability means standing out from the crowd is the key to getting attention for your brand, a micro niche helps the business to grow and make it possible to increase the traffic. Increased probability means you can naturally experience a greater profit because of less competition.

When the micro niche is highly specialized, then the competition will be less and there are fewer businesses to compete against. Easier to gain traction means all small businesses need momentum to start and they continue growing.

Most people know what a niche in business is, and examples of niches are fitness, health, finance, etc. Millions of people are blogging about this topic. It makes sense for you to start a micro niche site.  

If you search for a common topic fitness that is niche but for a specific topic like fitness with disabilities, fitness for seniors, or fitness for teen girls these are micro-niches. Choose the correct micro niche that you want for your business.  


As we go through google we can find a lot of websites floating around. You can search any topic that you want. Searching for the whole topics are niche and specific topics are micro niche. 

The content of the article on the micro niche site provides the people for the relevant information of their search. While reading this article, first, people get knowledge of micro niche sites, and they can receive useful advice from it. And then it motivates the people to open the micro niche site again and again in the future. 

The only reason to publish new material your micro niche site’s fresh content can only increase your rank in google while searching the keyword. You can make good authority websites and you can sell them for good profits with the help of micro niche sites.

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